Representatives of the aerospace company SpaceX, founded by entrepreneur Elon Musk, has noticed suspicious activity on the roof of the building near the launch pad Falcon 9 rocket, exploded on the morning of 1 September. This building is owned by a joint venture of Lockheed Martin and Boeing – United Launch Alliance (ULA), one of the main competitors SpaceX.

Previously Elon Musk called the incident with the Falcon 9 the most complex and confusing over the past 14 years, and the Corporation did not rule out that the explosion was the result of sabotage.

According to The Washington Post, a SpaceX was footage from the video showing the roof of the building ULA. The footage can clearly see the strange shadow, and the later pictures show a white spot.

The representative visited SpaceX and ULA have asked for access to the roof of the mentioned building, but received a firm refusal. In this case, the Corporation emphasized that the visit of the employee was associated with the desire to work on all versions of the incident, and was not an attempt to accuse ULA in the explosion.

Then the investigation was brought to the Office of special investigations, U.S. air force, however, investigators inspected the roof and found no evidence of the involvement ULA to the incident.

Recall that on September 1 rocket SpaceX, which was put into orbit an Israeli telecommunications satellite exploded on the launch pad at Cape Canaveral. Use destroyed in the explosion of the satellite to provide Internet access in Africa was planning the social network Facebook.

Elon Musk shortly after the incident, wrote on his Twitter page that he was especially concerned about cotton which can be heard on recording in just a few seconds before you receive the pillar of flame. “It could have come from rockets, and could be a result of something else,” said Musk.

SpaceX suspected of competitors in the explosion of the Falcon 9 rocket 02.10.2016

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