The court of Palma de Mallorca on Friday, February 17, acquitted 51-year-old sister of the Spanish king Philip VI, Cristina de borbón in the case of financial fraud of her husband, but ordered her to pay a fine of 265 thousand euros, reports the Spanish The Local.

Her husband iñaki urdangarin, a former handball player and two-time Olympic medalist, convicted of more serious crimes – theft, forgery, money laundering – and sentenced to six years and three months imprisonment.

The sentence handed down at noon local time, or 11 hours GMT. “The court acquitted Cristina de borbón in the crimes in which she was accused,” – said in a statement. Earlier in 2014 the Supreme court of Palma de Mallorca took off with the Infanta, on charges of money laundering, but left the charges of non-payment of income tax and profit tax in 2007-08.

Couple were not in court during sentencing, which can still be appealed to the Supreme court. Participation in fraud scheme was charged 16 people, the most severe punishment – eight years and six months in prison – received employee of the Noos Institute, Diego Torres.

Cristina became the first member of the Royal family, who appeared before the court. A fine of 265 thousand Princess Christina have to pay in the framework of civil liability for profiting from the fraud committed by the spouse. However, as noted by broadcasting company RTE, 587 thousand euros was already paid, so the state must refund the difference – 322 thousand euros.

The trial of a Spanish Princess Cristina and her husband began January 11, 2016. Six months on the trial were 300 witnesses.

Urdangarin been accused that his sports Foundation Noos Institute, registered as a nonprofit organization, won competitions of the regional authorities to provide services at a higher price, then the funds were transferred to personal accounts of participants in the fraud. Thus, according to the investigators, the accused embezzled 6.2 million euros from the state budget, 2.5 million from the government of the Balearic Islands, € 3.5 million from the government of Valencia and 114 thousand from the municipality of Madrid.

Princess Cristina suspected that she was helping to launder money, being on the Board of the charity sports Foundation Noos and being a co-owner (with her husband) of the company’s real estate Aizoon. It was assumed that Noos transferred to this company large sums of illegally obtained money. Prosecutors have not filed charges against Princess Cristina to sentence to eight years in prison demanded an anti-corruption public organisation “Clean hands”.

Lawyer Christina Pau Molins argued that “controlled Urdangarin, and doña Cristina was not involved”. According to the defense, Aizoon was created for the sole purpose of transferring money earned by Urdangarin, who was the sole Manager, and his wife only sometimes signed documents without delving into the case.

The scandal broke in 2011, during a deep economic crisis in the country and forced king Juan Carlos to abdicate in June 2014, after which the power in the country was inherited by his son Philip VI.
Christine and her husband after the start of the investigation was no longer invited to an official Royal event, to protect the reputation of the Royal family, in 2013, the couple with four children moved to Switzerland, and in 2015, Philip VI deprived the sister of the title Duchess of Palma.

Spanish Princess found not guilty in the case about the financial machinations of her husband 17.02.2017

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