Spectacular USA Robert Mueller is investigating possible attempts of U.S. President Donald trump to obstruct justice, according to The Washington Post , citing five anonymous sources. Previously it was thought that the focus of the investigation Mueller – people from an environment of trump, but he did not. The same was said and trump fired the former head of the FBI, James Comey at a hearing in the Senate.

However, according to WP, the situation around trump changed shortly after the resignation of the Komi Republic on 9 may. Ironically, opponents of the trump of the Democratic party linked the sudden dismissal of the Director of the FBI in his attempt to intensify investigation and the intentions of the White house to prevent this.

Now, sources say the publication, the special Prosecutor Mueller, who leads
an investigation into the role of Russia in the elections of 2016, questioned
high-ranking intelligence officers in advanced cases
“which now includes the study of the question of how did the President
Trump to obstruct justice”.

Sources say that the agenda is a request to testify before the end of this week from Muller got Daniel Coates, head of the N. I., Mike Rogers, the head of homeland security, as well as his recently retired Deputy Richard Leget. The WP notes that the investigation surrounds the secrecy, and because it is unclear who else intend to question the investigators Muller.

The interlocutors WP told me that trump tried to convince the Director of the Komi Republic to reaffirm publicly that the FBI investigation does not affect him, and he refused. Shortly thereafter, trump allegedly discussed the Russian investigations Coates and Rogers. However, he asked Coates to talk to Komi and to ensure that the investigators are left alone his former assistant for homeland security Michael Flynn, who resigned after the information that he misinformed the leadership of his conversation with the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergei Kislyak. The Ambassador is the Central figure in the WP infographic, which illustrates a possible connection of people around trump with Russia.

The newspaper emphasizes that even if there is serious evidence to initiate a criminal case would be difficult, but they can be the basis for consideration of the question of impeachment trump.

Neither Muller nor his representatives did not comment on the course of its investigation. The former head of the FBI was appointed spectaculorum the decision of the Deputy head of the justice Ministry after the Minister and attorney General Jeff sessions has distanced himself from the investigation, pointing out that also met with Russian Ambassador Kislyak. The day before he and Komi, testified on this issue in the Committee on intelligence of the Senate.

US intelligence agencies believe that Russian hackers have carried out attacks on the servers of the national Committee of the Democratic party Hillary Clinton. After that, the correspondence of its supporters were published by WikiLeaks, publish about it for a long time occupied the airwaves and the front pages of national media. According to investigators, it helped Donald Trump to win the election.

The trump denies that it is any way influenced the choice of the Americans and also questioned the involvement of Russia. He urged to speed up the investigation, calling it the largest “witch hunt” in US history.

The Kremlin has repeatedly denied the involvement of Russia to hacking servers of the democratic party.

Spectacular Mueller began an investigation against trump 15.06.2017

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