Special U.S. attorney Robert Mueller, who heads the investigation of Russian interference in the presidential election, wants to socialize with current and former senior officials from the White house, the newspaper The New York Times , citing its own sources.

According to the newspaper, currently Muller is negotiating with the White house regarding several possible interview. Among the candidates for questioning, in particular, called the former head of the administration of President Raines. Primus.

One of interlocutors of the edition told that Mueller has also asked the White house information about specific meetings of officials who visited them, and also asked surviving records or documents revealing their content.

It is noted that Mueller wants to know more about the reasons why trump has decided to dismiss the former head of the FBI James Komi. However, no interrogation to date is not scheduled. Representatives of spectacular and the White house, this information has not yet commented.

Earlier this week it became known that the Federal Bureau of investigation in July raided the house of the former head of election campaign of Donald trump Paul Manafort in Alexandria, Virginia.

Agents took files and other materials July 26, the day after Manafort met with the Senate intelligence Committee, where investigation of Russian interference in presidential elections. As reported by the media, after the searches Robert Mueller in Manafort with the “different records”.

Manafort and former Advisor to the President of the USA Michael Flynn are the main defendants in the FBI’s investigation of ties between team trump with Russia. Trump and the leaders of his administration repeatedly denied rumors of any improper contacts with Russia. The trump also announced the investigation into the largest witch hunt in U.S. history.

Spectacular USA, investigating the “Russian case” was going to interrogate officials from the presidential administration 13.08.2017

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