The U.S. justice Department decided to appoint spectracolor to investigate the relations of the administration of President Donald trump with Russia, as well as the possible intervention of Russia in election campaign. The Washington Post reports that the mission entrusted to the former head of the FBI Robert Mueller. On the eve of the Congress was urged to declare Trump impeachment in connection with a public shocked by the resignation of James Comey as Director of FBI.

The statement of the Deputy public Prosecutor of the USA of the kind of Rosenstein on the appointment of müller, spectaculorum said: “Based on the unique circumstances, the interests of society require me to put the investigation under the supervision of a person who is independent of the traditional leadership (Ministry of justice). The special adviser is necessary in order that the Americans were sure of the result (of the investigation)”. (Quoted by RIA “Novosti”.)

Thus, Rosenstein emphasizes that this appointment does not mean that the crime was committed, and the Ministry of justice is confident the charges. This is done to ensure the objectivity of the investigation. Rosenstein also pointed out that Muller for this investigation resigns as head of his law firm to prevent conflicts of interest.

Mueller in a brief statement after his appointment, promised to fulfill the duties of “the full measure of its possibilities.”

Previously, the investigation of the “RF interference” led the FBI, whose Director James Comey was dismissed by President Donald trump last week. The White house explained that the role of the Komi Republic in the investigation of the accusations against Hillary Clinton. However, the public, and primarily the Democrats, felt that the dismissal was connected with his attempts to intensify investigation in Russia.

The head of the house Committee on oversight and government reform Republican Jason Cheifetz called the appointment of Mueller to the post of special adviser to “good choice”. “A flawless performance. Should be well accepted,” the Congressman wrote in his microblog on Twitter.

US intelligence agencies believe that Russian hackers have carried out attacks on the servers of the national Committee of the Democratic party Hillary Clinton. After that, the correspondence of its supporters were published by WikiLeaks, publish about it for a long time occupied the airwaves and the front pages of national media. According to investigators, it helped Donald Trump to win the election.

The trump denies that it is any way influenced the choice of the Americans and also questioned the involvement of Russia, while urging to expedite the investigation.

The Kremlin has repeatedly denied the involvement of Russia to hacking servers of the democratic party.

Investigation the first thing you want to do Flynn and Monforton

Robert Mueller in his investigation primarily focusing on the ex-assistant to the President for national security Michael Flynn and former head of the electoral headquarters of Donald trump the businessman Field Manaforce, according to sources at NBC.

According to the TV, now the FBI, in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, the CIA and other agencies reviewing data on possible links, remittances and business contacts of current and former representatives of the environment trump with the Russians.

13 Feb 2017 due to allegations of contacts with Moscow resigned the assistant to the President for national security Michael Flynn. He was suspected in the discussion of the issue of lifting anti-Russian sanctions-Russian Ambassador to Washington Sergei Kislyak during the meeting, held in December 2016.

Manafort resigned as head of the headquarters of the trump in August 2016 after allegations of lobbying the interests of the ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.

Spectracolor appointed to investigate relationships trump with Russia 18.05.2017

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