In Montenegro, the court sentenced the leader of the Russian rock band “metal Corrosion” Sergei “Spider” Trinity to 10 months in prison for damage to property, reported RIA “news” the daughter of a musician Catherine Trinity.

In the account of “metal Corrosion” in the social network “Vkontakte” the decision of the court of Trinity commented: “the forces of evil gave the order for the imprisonment of the Spider 10 months. Fans of the musician she is asked to cook for the parcel “with books, Newspapers, videos, music and other things” and invest in the transfer envelope for reply.

“Spider personally very grateful to all the people who support him at a difficult time, conveys greetings and wishes of courage to you,” the message reads.

The musician is under arrest from September 2016. The fire occurred on 3 September in the resort town Sutomore in the house belonging to the citizen of the Russian Federation with the initials E. K., which the Spider met in “Vkontakte”. The evening of the same day, the Montenegrin police was removed from train on Belgrade Sergei Troitsky, who was named the Prime suspect in the incident. The guilt he did not recognize. According to the article, Trinity sane, he faces up to five years of imprisonment.

The son of the owner of the house Edward Kazimir at the end of August published in “Vkontakte” a few photos of the Trinity that were made in joy. Judging by the explanations of the Casimir in the correspondence, he tried to organize the concert “metal Corrosion” in Montenegro and waited for the Spider with guitarist Dmitry Ginkul and other members of the group, and the Spider arrived one “fun” and “didn’t want to pay for itself”. “Fun can be had in the Crimea. The thing we had to do. I’m about promotion of any agreed with a neighbor. You can earn,” said Edward Casimir.

September 2, Casimir published in the social network message of the Trinity, from which it follows that the musician kicked his father out of the house: “Guys, why are we so thrown? I believe you, we Purley your suitcase Batey upstairs, but in the end you kicked me out of my house! Can, undergo treatment for alcoholism? I’m in the hospital thanks to you now at the Bar. We have such a raunchy attitude don’t deserve it!”

Catherine Trinity told Lifethat the owner of the burned house repeatedly invited the Spider to his guests. “Sergei rarely encounters enemies, so this time I trusted and went. Left August 18 and September 4, had to return. In Montenegro there are no direct flights, so I went via Belgrade,” she said. “Obscene attitude” of her father she did not comment.

The song “metal Corrosion” has been recognized as extremist and its leader over the past three years was detained for assault with axe to the traffic police and fined for a brawl at the airport of Novosibirsk.

Trinity participated in the various elections at the regional and municipal level. Best known for his election campaign to the state Duma in 1998, where he scored the highest number of votes in his precinct, but the vote was not considered valid because of low voter turnout; mayors of Khimki in 2012, where Trinity played for the felling of the Khimki forest, but lost; was not admitted to the elections of the mayor of Moscow, as it is not gathered the necessary number of signatures.

Spider from “metal Corrosion” was sentenced to 10 months for the arson of a house in Montenegro 25.10.2016

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