Artist Anton Belikov, who on September 28 filled the spray paint on the war in the Donbass photography at the Sakharov center, said that he was fired from the Moscow art Institute named after V. I. Surikov.

“I think my work at the Surikov Institute ended. My subject “General theory of art” was missing from the schedule. The contract for next year is not renewed. The administration of the Institute and the Department of explanation dodges”, – wrote Belikov on his page “Vkontakte”.

He also accused the administration of the University, subordinate the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation, in the manifestation of the “its solidarity with the neobanderovtsy and their representatives in Moscow.”

Any comments from the leadership of the Institute at the time of this writing, about the possible dismissal Belikov has not been received.

On September 28 at the Sakharov center Belikov painted over with spray paint photos of Alexander Vasyukovich and Sergei L. Loiko, presented at the exhibition of winners of the “Direct gaze”, which was dedicated to the war in Ukraine.

Belikov didn’t like the way the pictures have portrayed the Ukrainian military, whom he called “the Punisher”. According to him, they allegedly offered “to destroy the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk people’s Republic”. Belikov said that “thugs was presented to bright people on the blooming fields”.

Arrived on the scene, the police to arrest Belikov failed. Man could not deliver to the division for proceedings, as he managed to escape. Belikov himself, talking about the incident, said that the organizers of the police was not summoned and he quietly left the room.

Photographer Alexander found its explained REN TV that he wanted to stop the conflict in the Donbas. Asked by reporters why he has depicted only one side of the conflict, found its replied that he didn’t have enough money for a trip to the DNI. “Look, no matter who is depicted in the photo. Even in these photos it is clear that people killed from both parties”, – said the photographer.

The contest of documentary photography “Direct view” was organized by the Sakharov centre, together with the Center of documentary photography Fotodoc. His topic was the problem of the relationship of man with society and government, as well as solutions to these problems. The competition had three nominations: problem, conflict, and compromise. The international jury chose in each category three winners. Thus, the nine finalists were given the opportunity to show the photographs in the exhibition.

Spoil photography at the Sakharov center artist Belikov announced the dismissal from the Institute named after Surikov 14.10.2016

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