Journalist and sports commentator Vasily Utkin has starred in a new clip of “Birdman” for the song “Man-shit”.

As informs television channel “Rain”, Utkin played the “main role”.

Song, which formed the basis of the clip was written by Zinovy Birtanem in the 60-ies of XX century, but, according to the participants of the musical group, now it “sounds as relevant as ever”.

The clip was directed by Alexey Kazakov, with whom Utkin has long been familiar. The shooting took place in two cities – Moscow and St. Petersburg.

As said Vasily Utkin, the dancing it was last seen four years ago. “But this is me and reconciled with the role. If in order to become a man-shit, I need to do something totally alien to me… I guess that means I’m not really all doing wrong in my life. No matter what my enemies. Shooting with my participation occurred in one day, it was already quite cold, I thoroughly froze. But I am flexible and was all,” – said Utkin.

Recall major sports commentator Vasily Utkin has long been released on the big screens of the country. One of his first major film role in the Comedy “election Day” and “election Day – 2″, where Utkin played on the policies of the masseur, and later candidate for Governor and Governor Igor Tsaplin – originally “nephew alive repressed Blucher and Tukhachevsky” .

As Utkin has long worked with the “Quartet”, which implemented these projects, he gladly agreed to the shooting. In addition, the commenter since 2003, plays the role of Igor Tsaplin in the play “election Day”.

Sports commentator Vasily Utkin was filmed dancing on the streets of Moscow and St. Petersburg in the clip “Man-shit” group “Birdman” 24.11.2016

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