Detained in St. Petersburg natives of the Central Asian countries, which the FSB announced associated with “Islamic state” terrorists, about a year rented an apartment, worked in a taxi and carried home large bags. About this “Fontanka” said the neighbors on the porch in the house on the street Sofia Kovalevskaya.

Neighbors describe the residents of the apartment on the first floor as the young men of Central Asian appearance, are polite and careful. The apartment has never been noise, music, nobody saw that the apartment was visited by women. Went in the evening, come in the morning – probably worked in a taxi, as several times approached the driver of the car in taxi livery. On the cab mentions Life.Ru.

It is noted that the neighbors did not notice anything suspicious about the behavior of visitors, but remembered large bags, which they entered in the apartment. The FSB said that during the search there were found Kalashnikov assault rifles, communications and improvised explosive devices. According to some, in St. Petersburg, the terrorists were preparing explosions in two shopping centres. On order in Moscow, where on Saturday morning was detained part of a terrorist group, no information.

“Fontanka” also reports that the initiative of disclosure of the terrorist group belongs to the Ministry of the interior. In this country allegedly found aware of the impending in Russia, “split” it and passed the information to Moscow.

The day before, the FSB announced the detention of a group of terrorists in several locations in Moscow and St. Petersburg. It was reported that when they found four powerful improvised bombs. On television showed security forces provided operational footage: one detention, search in one of the rooms and the interrogation of the terrorist who confessed to planning terrorist attacks. In the video, the young man calls his name – Merzoev Abduhalim Ansarovich. Names of other group members, the FSB announced.

St. Petersburg terrorists worked in a taxi and carried home large bags 13.11.2016

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