Starting in 2016, the hackers stole VTB about 35 million rubles, with
every year loss of the banking group’s decline, said the head of VTB
Andrey Kostin after meeting on the issues of information security
in credit-financial sphere, held on Friday, June 3, under
the leadership of the head of the government Dmitry Medvedev.

Agency video News Service quoted Kostin: “we Have, I think, 35 million roubles this year (stolen)”. “The number of stolen money have decreased every year, and while the damage is not material in the long run. But this does not mean that there is no threat, there is the intention and attempt”, – quotes the words of Andrey Kostin, “Interfax”.

Now in the financial sector in General, there is a “surge
cybercrime” that requires strengthening measures to combat it, he added
Costin. “We are seeing a surge of cyber-crime aimed at
to actually steal money with the help of modern tools,
technologies. Therefore, the task is very relevant, volume and number
crime is rising sharply” (quoted by RIA “Novosti”).

The meeting, according to head VTB, the defined strategy of activities in
this direction. The first direction – “the necessity of creating
a centralized system, which included state
organs, especially the Central Bank, the Ministry of communications,
law enforcement agencies and the banking system in order to have
developed unified standards, unified approaches and technologies to combat

The second is the improvement of Russian legislation. “People often
consider that it’s like little offenses, and they are punished as
a rule, the maximum probation,” – said the head of VTB.

“Not even many terms, which are widely used. And so
today cyber criminals largely remain unpunished, and in
public opinion today, there is no clear understanding of how
it’s dangerous,” added Kostin.

However, as shown by the poll, released today, the latest
the comment about public opinion unfairly. Among the most common fears of Russians suddenly became
cyber crime: Internet frauds with Bank cards
fear 21% of respondents, and this is the second place in the ranking of fears
after the fear of terrorist attacks.

To reason about the magnitude of the offenses we will remind that Andrey Kostin is
in the ranking of the most expensive top managers according to Forbes. In 2014
he topped the ranking with a salary of 37 million dollars (at the then
rate more than a billion rubles, or more than three million rubles a day).
However, as noted by Forbes, VTB in 2014 has sharply reduced payments
top managers (from 276 million to $ 152,8 million), and by the end of 2015 Kostin moved into second place with $ 21 million. At
rate 2016 (67 rubles to the dollar) is one billion 407
million rubles, or about three million 850 thousand a day. Otherwise
speaking, the hackers stole a little less than six months, the amount
comparable to the salary of Andrey Kostin in nine days.

Medvedev: the Problem of cybercrime is not solved by arrests

Dmitry Medvedev said Friday about the need for joint
the banking community system of measures for combating cybercrime.

“The problem is not solved simply by arrests, although this result
joint work of experts in the field of security,
law enforcement bodies. Very often that is particularly dangerous attack
hackers not only aimed to steal money, too
sad, but often the meaning of these attacks and to undermine the trust,
to disrupt any important events or programs, simply put,
to hurt anyone. In Russia the damage from such crimes, too
growing. Experience and strength to resist this phenomenon is clearly
is not enough” – said the Prime Minister.

“To reduce risks to reduce the cyber threat requires a coordinated effort
to combat e-crime. It is necessary to this problem
be treated systematically, create and debug mechanism to counter both
on the level of technical equipment and the necessary
infrastructure in General, and, of course, the legislative base”, –
quoted Medvedev “Russian
the newspaper”

It is difficult to do, he said, because just to describe all
modern technology and even legal phenomena, flawless language is a very difficult task. “To fight such crimes
it is almost impossible. Cyber defense is expensive and most
the main thing – it is impossible to do in a single channel”, – said Medvedev.

At the same time, according to some estimates, global losses from
cybercrime account for up to half a trillion dollars, although counting
this is difficult because not all cybercrime is becoming

Medvedev called on business to offer their ideas, which can
to increase the effectiveness of the fight against cyber threats.

Starting in 2016, the hackers stole VTB 35 million rubles 04.06.2016

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