The U.S. state Department spokesman John Kirby refused to provide any details about the airstrikes that, according to Washington, the Russian space forces strike Aleppo.

“I have no specific tactical information on Russian military operations in that part which concerns the location on the map. However, we have already seen similar air strikes that were struck in Syria, the Russian forces and forces of the regime (Assad), and we have no reason to doubt the current information that we receive from their sources, – that, five hospitals, and at least one mobile clinic in Syria were amazed,” – said John Kirby at a briefing in the state Department.

The representative of the American foreign Ministry refused to say in which cities are located are allegedly the victims of a hospital, but added that all air strikes were inflicted in the last days. “And this is despite claims by Russia that the air strikes were suspended last month or something,” he added.

“Oh, and they never were allowed to bring food or humanitarian aid to the Eastern regions of Aleppo. The government and Russia allow residents of Aleppo to starve, while they themselves seek approval from the international community for an end to indiscriminate attacks on three weeks. Given these five hospitals and one – and maybe more – mobile clinic, I don’t think that indiscriminate attacks are stopped,” said Kirby.

When journalists reminded the speaker of the state Department that the defense Ministry accuses Syrian rebels that they obstruct the delivery of humanitarian assistance, John Kirby acknowledged that the situation is very precarious, and the understanding of what is happening in Syria is insufficient. “That’s why we say – we’ve seen the reports. But I have no details for you. There are no indications of specific places,” he added.

“We’ve also seen reports of opposition groups that impede the delivery of humanitarian assistance. And we have made clear to the groups with whom we communicate, and countries that have influenced them, these reports are worrisome. However, there is no doubt that the Syrian government and its Russian backers are responsible for the cessation of violence, for the termination shock, providing assistance,” – said Kirby.

State Department spokesman refused to name the “credible organizations”, from which information was obtained about the bombed-out hospitals, and noted that the Department has and other sources of information that confirm the report data. He advised the journalist of Russia Today, which insisted on getting answers to forward questions to the Ministry of defense of Russia and “see what kind of information will be able to”.

TASS notes that Kirby lost his temper, bickering with the participants of the briefing, and in the end said that he was not going to put RT on a par with the independent media, as this is a public edition.

We will remind, on the eve of the representative of the defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov said that in Aleppo, the militants shot the participants of the spontaneous meeting of the protest of residents against violence and plundering food stores. According to authorities, the terrorists did not give the population a chance to leave the city, mining and shelling of humanitarian corridors.

With regard to attacks on hospitals, Konashenkov called the message an “ordinary lie”. “The message of Qatar TV channel “al Jazeera” in the UK “the Syrian Observatory of human rights” and other similar resources about the alleged bombing by aircraft of VC of Russia “for the third day of the hospital” in Aleppo, are a common lie,” he said. The representative of the defense Ministry also confirmed that the VC of the Russian Federation and the Syrian air force does not conduct combat missions last 28 days.

State Department spokesman refused to talk about the “Russian attacks” in Aleppo and advised journalists RT to find answers in Moscow 17.11.2016

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