British investigators were able to track the accounts that have been stolen from the Russian budget billions in the so-called “Magnitsky scheme”: the lawyer Sergei Magnitsky was put in jail after the revelations of reporting employees of the interior Ministry, where he later died. On progress in the investigation of the multibillion-dollar fraud, reports the BBC.

The so-called Magnitsky money tied up with the accounts at Renaissance Capital in Britain. According to the BBC, the progress of the investigation helped the information provided by the Fund Hermitage Capital, Magnitsky was an Advisor to the Fund, and its head William Browder calls himself a victim of this Scam. However, now we are talking about a different episode: on a similar scheme was used not “daughter” of the Hermitage, and the Fund associated with the “Renaissance”.

The BBC, citing court documents, reports that the transaction on account of Renaissance Capital had a number of characteristics linking them to money laundering. In the securities is not assumed that the “Renaissance” participated in the scheme or was aware of it.

The BBC reminds that passed in April, the bill on criminal Finance provided the authorities more opportunities for the freezing of funds and assets that are associated with achivaniem.

Browder in the commentary for the BBC called the British law enforcement authorities to act. According to him, the participants of the scheme have to lose the possibility to enjoy a carefree life in the West. The representative of the anti-corruption organization Transparency International Duncan Haimes also urged law enforcement “given way to the heat.”

In the United States in 2012 was adopted by the so-called “Magnitsky act” – the document provides for sanctions against several Russian officials are Under sanctions we have in mind visa restrictions on entering the United States and the freezing of financial assets in American banks.

In mid-may the company of the son of the Vice-President of Russian Railways, Denis Katsyv paid in the US the first penalty as part of the settlement of claims on the “Magnitsky act” – 5,9 million dollars.

Connection with the “Renaissance” and the Magnitsky case

At the end of April , “Novaya Gazeta” wrote about the relationship of money “scheme Magnitsky” with the Foundation for Rengaz Holdings, which manages the company “Renaissance Capital”. Through his foreign accounts took 3 billion, which are linked to the Magnitsky case.

Earlier representatives “the Renaissance” it was stated “New”, “daughter”, participated in the fraud, were in the process of liquidation, and about the fact that they were involved in something illegal, found out from journalists.

“The Magnitsky act” adopted by Congress in 2009, interpretirovat the situation: a tax lawyer Firestone&Duncan Sergey Magnitsky discovered a tax fraud scheme using stolen and re-registered subsidiaries, which belong to his client – the investment Fund Hermitage Capital. From December 2007 through January 2008, with the permission of the tax Inspectorate, Federal Treasury to the accounts of three companies in the banks, UBS and “Interkommerts” was transferred 5.4 billion rubles. Then, through intermediary companies they were taken abroad.

In December 2007 the representatives of the Hermitage was sent to the Russian law enforcement authorities, based on the results of the work of Sergei Magnitsky. However, instead of investigating the theft of billions of dollars, in the fall of 2008, Magnitsky was arrested. He was accused that a lawyer has developed an illegal scheme of tax evasion. On 16 November 2009 he died in SIZO “Matrosskaya Tishina”.

Stolen from the Russian budget the money that Magnitsky traced in Britain 20.05.2017

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