Co-owner and main shareholder of one of the largest online retailers Ulmart, Dmitry Kostygin was charged with fraud by the Sberbank loan of 1 billion rubles, reports the website of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. He is charged under part 4 of article 159.1 of the criminal code (“Fraud in lending”).

According to the investigation, Costigan, occupying the post of Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Olmert” has signed a contract with Sberbank on opening a revolving credit line dated March 24, 2016. Not intending to fulfill the terms of the contract, Costigan provided in the “Sberbank” false information about the financial condition of “Olmert”.

In April 2016, “Sberbank”, according to the terms of the contract, transferred to the account of “Olmert” 1 billion roubles. They accused is ordered at its discretion, specifies the UK.

Investigators together with the police conducted a series of searches and seized computer equipment, communications, objects and documents having importance for the investigation of the criminal case. “Fontanka” said that the raids took place on 10 October in the apartments of three businessmen – Kosygina, lender “Olmert” businessman Oleg Morozov, former General Director of “Yulmart” Sergey Fedorinova.

After interrogation of Fedorinov and Morozov was released but Kosygina left custody. According to “Fontanka”, Kosygina was detained for two days, the second investigator (tax) Department of the second (economic) Department of the Investigative Committee of St. Petersburg.

Costigan did not defend the 51st article of the Constitution, allowing not to give testimony against themselves, and answered the investigator’s questions, but not guilty. Now the question on election concerning it a preventive measure in the form of house arrest.

Before the arrest, Costigan managed to ask three friends to pass in the business media of St. Petersburg short text for the business partner: “During crisis or storm – the important thing is not to panic. Maybe me and unpleasant current events, but his guilt I do not see, so not particularly worried. Asking me to hear and not to take hasty decisions”.

Article 159.1 of the criminal code – “Fraud in lending” – does not provide a real arrest, just home.

Earlier in March 2017 in respect of the founder of the online retailer “Yulmart” Alexei Nikitin and former Director General of the company Sergey Fedorin opened a criminal case of tax evasion amounting to more than 116 million rubles. Currently, the debt NAO “Hardware” for taxes, penalties and fines paid in full, have noted in SK.

Online retailer “Yulmart” – one of the largest Internet companies in Russia for selling non-food goods and digital content. Ulmart has more than 400 offices in more than 200 cities of Russia. In 2015, the company’s revenues amounted to 62.7 billion rubles. The management of “Olmert” has repeatedly reported that the retailer intends to launch an IPO, but the timing is constantly postponed. According to the latest statement, the IPO could take place in early 2017, with “Hardware” was ready to accommodate about 20% of the shares. The largest share in “Yulmart” (38,5%) is owned by Donna Union Foundation Michael Vasinkevich, another 31.6% were owned Koshigi Ltd Kosygina, the remaining 29.9% of has August Meyer.

“Storm and crisis” in “Yulmart”: Kosygina his co-owner was accused of cheating “savings” in a billion rubles 11.10.2017

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