Magistrate’s court on Thursday, December 1, considered another administrative case against stritreysery Mary Baghdasaryan, member of the acclaimed racing Gelendwagen. According to REN TV, given the number of aggravating and mitigating circumstances, she was appointed administrative punishment in the form of fines of 4000 and 1000.

The court was sent to about fifty of administrative materials about the various violations Baghdasaryan traffic and administrative law. To date, she was assigned to 959 hours of community service, fines 144 thousand rubles and 24 days of administrative arrest. The court determined that the mandatory hours she needs to work as a janitor on the Falcon. On another trial the woman was not.

“At the trial, he was not, its interests on the attorney represented the father” – quoted by TASS press Secretary of the Savelovsky court of Constantine Tymoshenko.

The girl was released from the detention center for offenders, where he was serving 14 days of administrative arrest. “Komsomolskaya Pravda” describes the output of the speaker from the detention center of the Ministry of interior as “interactive circus and “personal view”. On one side of the arena were a team of journalists, on the other detainees, clinging to the lattice.

For Baghdasarian on black “Mercedes” a representation class, my father came. A racer came out of the building in unchanged fur vest and hiding behind papers, dived into the car.

Papa Elmar earlier told reporters that they would take the daughter to the hospital because she urgently needs to be examined. “Izvestiya” also quoted lawyer racers Alain hornak, who spoke about his client: “she Now needs a survey, it is necessary to visit the hospital. So again to spend time in the courts – a difficult test for health.” However, reporters found that instead of stritreysera went to a restaurant and, by her own admission, “glut oneself papilona” – oysters Speciale Papillon.

“My dad’s a bum, mom’s cute” – quoted by REN-TV signed Baghdasaryan published in social networks photos of the oysters.

Baghdasaryan was detained on Leninsky Prospekt for violation of Parking rules on 6 November. Police fined over parked on the sidewalk the car, however during the inspection it turned out that a breaker listed 16 outstanding warrants.

Baghdasaryan explained the non-payment of fines the fact that protocols come in place of her residence, and she lives at a different address and does not receive them in time. The lawyer asked to limit punishment to a fine, citing the problems of his client’s health: a year ago she had an accident on Kutuzovsky Prospekt and is still undergoing rehabilitation treatment. If Baghdasaryan will evade compulsory labor, it can impose a fine up to 300 thousand rubles or to substitute the punishment with arrest.

Defender Baghdasaryan told reporters that she “fundamentally” did not appeal against the court decision. “She pleads guilty, accepts the sentence, but at the same time, her health condition is deteriorating, and we hope that the court in subsequent decisions restrict the imposition of penalties,” – said the lawyer Alena Gornak.

Meanwhile, Dmitry Avdeenko, Director of the championship Max Power Cars, which organizes auto and motorcycle racing on the track, asked the speaker to participate in professional competitions. “On behalf of the organizers Max Power Cars I would like to officially invite Maru to participate in our League is absolutely free, considering its wide popularity in Moscow and stritreysera party. Next year – we start in late April and are waiting,” he said.

He promised that she will be able to pass 10 stages to fight with equal potential cars and rivals. In addition, the leaders of the Max Power Cars said that next year ready to employ Baghdasaryan for the position of Manager of social networks, the promoter of the championship in stritreysera party.

Stritreysery Mara Baghdasaryan, who recently was released and stuffed with oysters, caught up with a new punishment 01.12.2016

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