Art historian Martin Bailey, conducted the study, concluded that the bed depicted in a series of three paintings by the famous Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh’s “Bedroom in Arles”, could persist to the present day and currently may be in the small Dutch town of Boxmeer. As reported by The Independent, Bailey told in the new book.

Bailey has traced the path of bed to the moment she was given to a relative of the artist from one of the communes in the Netherlands in 1945. According to the researcher, probably, the bed is still in Boxmeer. Bailey got in touch with a descendant of van Gogh in 2015. And 93-year-old Johan van Gogh recalled that the bed was donated to the municipality in the Netherlands, near Arnhem in 1945. Later, according to his version, the bed could fall in Boxmeer.

Vincent van Gogh bought this bed in September 1888. After the artist’s death in 1890, the bed passed to his relatives who moved her from France to Holland.

The artist created three paintings from the series “Bedroom in Arles” in 1888-1889. The work on the first painting started in mid October 1888 while staying in Arles. In September 1889, the was completed the second option. In the summer of 1889, van Gogh decided to make copies of the most successful works for my sister and mother. “Bedroom in Arles” was among this series of paintings, completed in September of the same year.

The first version of the painting since 1962, is owned by the eponymous Fund established by the nephew of the painter Willem van Gogh. The painting is in permanent exhibition in the van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. The second version from 1926 is in the possession of the art Institute of Chicago. The third version is in the permanent exhibition of the musée d’orsay in Paris. In February 2016, all three versions of the painting were shown in the exhibition “van Gogh’s Bedroom” in the art Institute of Chicago.

Study: bed, van Gogh paintings, “Bedroom in Arles” could be preserved up to our days 31.10.2016

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