Their wages satisfied 15% of employed Russians, not satisfied with the wage – 85%. Most of the monthly earnings of happy young people – 19% of respondents aged 25 years and women 17%.

These are the results of another survey conducted by the research division of the website

In the survey participated 1.6 thousand economically active Russians older than 18 years who have a permanent job.

The degree of satisfaction with the salary is influenced by a number of factors, such as region of residence, habitual consumption pattern, availability of credit, and family composition.

Over the past six years, the results of which the Russians began to work more and receive less, satisfaction with salary increased at programmers, workers of medicine, regional representatives, and workers. Declined – from accountants, lawyers, logisticians and civil servants. More dissatisfied with their income level advertising managers and 91%, civil servants and logisticians – 90%.

“So, residents of St. Petersburg salary satisfied more often than the residents of Moscow – 19 and 14%, respectively, while respondents earning less than 25 thousand rubles satisfied with his income almost on a par with those who receives in a month, more than 45 thousand rubles 14 and 15% respectively,” the researchers said.

With the least the Russians were satisfied with their income 10 years ago to 12% in 2006, six years ago – in 2010 – of those who were satisfied with the salary, was 16%.

Study: only 15% of Russians are satisfied with their salary 20.10.2016

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