People who are educated parents who are divorced, are less inclined to religion than those who grew up in a family where mother and father were married. These results showed a new study conducted by the American The Public Religion Research Institute in conjunction with Religion News Service, reports The Daily Mail.

According to the study, 35% of adults whose parents were divorced in their childhood, consider themselves religious. The same is said 23% of respondents whose parents were married. Thus, this implies that family instability and, conversely, the strength of this institution can affect the religious identity of a person.

Affects the format of the family in childhood and the frequency of visits by people to the Church when they become adults. According to the survey, 31% of religious people whose parents were divorced in their childhood, attend Church at least once a week. About the same said 43% of their peers who were raised in full families.

According to experts, divorce leads to a rethinking child all ties with the world, including religion. In explaining the reasons why as they grow, people can leave the faith, 60% said that he did it because he ceased to believe in Church doctrine, 32% said that their family was never religious. At the same time, 29% said that this decision brought them reports of destructive religious movements, another 19% were affected by the allegations of sexual abuse by priests.

In total among the respondents, 39% of young people (aged 18-29 years) reported their irreligious. The researchers concluded that each year a growing number of non-religious people – for example, in 1991 only 6% of Americans declared their irreligious.

Study: people raised with divorced parents, less religious than people who grew up in a full family 30.09.2016

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