The famous American actor and rock singer, lead vocalist of the alternative rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars Jared Leto is known for its responsible approach to the roles he always tends to the limit to get used to the character. This often leads to strange manifestations.

Recently the frontman of rock band From First to Last Stuff (Sonny John Moore), who, along with rapper Rick Ross has recorded a video for the song Purple Lamborghini for the movie “suicide Squad”, told about the extravagant escapade 44-year-old Summer. According to the musician, the actor, who plays a role in the film villain the Joker, sent him a huge Dildo, reports Page Six.

Meanwhile it not the first case when Summer’s in such an unusual way to get used to the role. Also during the filming of “suicide Squad,” he, being in the image of the Joker, sent actress Margot Robbie live rat in a box. He also admittedthat he sent colleagues a sex toys, Playboy magazines, used condoms and swine carcass to bring the creative atmosphere on the set to the desired degree.

Fantastic action movie “suicide Squad” was directed by David Ayer, based on the eponymous comic book publisher DC Comics. This is the third film of the “Extended universe of DC” after “Man of steel” and “Batman vs. Superman”. In world hire the picture left in early August 2016.

Jared Leto plays in the film Joker is a supervillain from the DC Comics universe, the sworn enemy of Batman. The Joker wears a purple suit and fights with objects, stylized props clown.

But before the press wrote about how Jared Leto is trying to completely transform into the image of his character and is willing to suffer for the sake of deprivation. So, acting in a drama in 1997 “Prefontaine” about an American athlete Steve Prefontaine, the actor ran multikilometer cross-countries to get closer to your character.

While working on the drama “Requiem for a dream” to understand people with addictions, Summer month did not use sugar and refused to have sex with his then girlfriend Cameron Diaz.

For the film Chapter 27 about the assassination of John Lennon Leto for the role of Mark Chapman gained more than 30 pounds. During the filming of the movie “Dallas buyers club” Leto for the role Babes Rayon suffered waxing full body, painted nails, applied makeup and did not take off women’s clothes even outside of the area. He also lost 13 lbs. For this role, Leto received the “Oscar”.

Stuff told about the prank Jared Leto – he sent a sex toy to get used to the role 06.10.2016

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