“Support of Russia” in his letter to the Ministry, which is in charge in April was transferred to the Federal state statistics service, asks to cancel the obligation of employers to provide statistical reports, which in essence coincides with the statements previously provided to the state authorities, the newspaper “Kommersant”.

According to the law on accountancy of the commercial enterprise provide to the bodies of state statistics, the annual bootselect – the balance sheet and the statement of financial performance. The same bootselect available to the tax office (FNS), the Pension Fund and social insurance Fund. According to the lobbying organization for small and medium-sized businesses, the requirements of Rosstat “are excessive and not justified by the measure”.

Another problem, according to the letter of “Support of Russia” are high penalties for non-delivery of statistical data. “Support” asking them to reduce, noting that failure to supply entrepreneurs statistical data, late submission or inaccurate primary information, the penalty for officials makes from 10 thousand to 20 thousand rubles for organizations – from 20 thousand to 70 thousand rubles.
In case of repeated violation the penalties are enhanced: for officials they are already from 30 thousand to 50 thousand rubles, and for legal entities – from 100 thousand to 150 thousand rubles.

OPORA draws attention to the fact that a fine shall be imposed for every wrong or untimely filed the report, calling it a “double responsibility for each form given incorrectly reporting”.

Getting Rosstat reporting under the interagency cooperation can reduce the burden on small and medium entrepreneurship, agree to Rosstat. However, it believes that it is “permissible only if what is saved to the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of Rosstat’s information,” said officials.

To reduce fines Rosstat thus considers “inappropriate”, noting their “preventive role.” The fines were low “until 2016, and it is not possible to effectively combat crime in the sphere of official statistical accounting”, reminiscent of the state statistics and added that the tightening of sanctions has increased the number of entrepreneurs reporting in good faith.

In addition, while the entrepreneurs “themselves are pieces of paper”, neither of which interagency cooperation out of the question.
According to the chamber of Commerce, the volume of reporting from March to December 2016 increased 1.5-3 times.

“Support of Russia” asks to reduce the fines and cancel the obligation to submit reports, coinciding with the already provided 17.05.2017

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