In the second round of presidential elections in Moldova record activity is demonstrated by citizens living abroad, according to DW with reference to the member of the CEC of Russia Vladimir Sarban. 15:00 Moscow time in Italy, Romania, Russia voted as many voters as in the first round of the day.

In confirmation of the words surbana in social networks posted a lot of photos from polling stations in London, Venice and Moscow, where at some point and did run out of ballots.

DW correspondent notes that ballot papers are missing and inside the country. In Moscow, hundreds of people organized a spontaneous rally. The representative of the CEC of Moldova said that the Russian capital some voters came to the stations, they learned that they have already voted on the territory of the Republic.

In Chisinau Maia Sandu, the head of the Party of action and solidarity, which became the single candidate from the Pro-European parties, demanded the resignation of the leadership of the CEC and the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

“The election is not over, but they are already rigged. This was done deliberately, as abroad was open enough polling stations and were brought enough ballots,” said Sandu.

Supporters of her opponent Igor Dodon, who is considered “Pro-Russian” candidate, by contrast, is concerned about the extremely high turnout at polling stations in the countries of the European Union. They fear that living in the EU citizens in the elections it is supported by Sandu. “Why the fate of Moldova should be resolved by the people living abroad?”, – said the activist of the party of socialists Mikhail Ahriman.

At 21:00 local time (22:00 GMT) the polls for voting closed. As of 21:30 GMT at polling stations visited by 53,06% of the citizens (almost 1.6 million). Abroad voted 128,2 thousand voters. The greatest activity was shown by the citizens of Moldova aged 26 to 40 years, whereas in the first round was more active voters in age from 56 to 70.

The current presidential election – the first 20 years of the direct election of the President. Since 2000 President of the Republic elected by voting of deputies in Parliament, but in March 2016 constitutional court overturned this order.

It is expected that the preliminary voting results will be announced on the morning of 14 November.

Supporters of the “Pro-Russian” candidate in the elections in Moldova were concerned about the high turnout at foreign sites 14.11.2016

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