Supporters of the separation of California from the United States has taken the first step in the legal registration of their claims – presented a paper on the referendum in the office of the attorney General of the state, reports The Los Angeles Times. Members of the movement are asked to put their offer on the account and give it an official name.

The members of Yes California, which advocates for Calexit (from a combination of the words California – California-Exit – Exit) – Department of California from USA, hope to vote on the initiative in 2018. “It’s real”, – told reporters, Vice-President and co-founder of Yes California Marcus Ruiz Evans. “We take this seriously,” he said.

Activists planned that the referendum will be held in 2019, but the victory of Donald trump in the presidential elections made them think about the approaching time of the plebiscite.

Group Yes California arose long before the last presidential election, she promotes their ideas for the past two years. In particular, the activists don’t like California – the state that contributes to the Federal Treasury in taxes more than it receives in budget from the Federal government.

After registration activists can start collecting signatures in support of the referendum. According to Evans, the band already has 13 thousand volunteers to collect signatures.

Plans Yes California is opening “embassies” in the Russian Federation

Earlier edition of The Business Insider wrote that the group Yes California wants to open “Embassy” of the state of California in Russia.

The leader of the activists Louis Marinelli went to Russia two months ago and met with the anti-Globalization movement of Russia, said in the article. As reported by Marinelli, members of the Russian movement share his confidence that the state has the right to self-determination.

As explained Marinelli, “the Embassy” California in the Russian Federation will not deal with diplomatic issues and will be the center who will tell the Russians about the history and culture of the state, to strengthen trade relations and to promote tourism.

Marinelli plans to establish such centers around the world. According to the leader of the Yes California, this will help to achieve recognition in California of the right to independence, the article says.

Marinelli about the publication writes that he is a resident of California and a former teacher of English in Russia. According to the leader of the Yes California, which leads to RIA “Novosti”, he is ready to communicate with groups from different countries, regardless of how they are perceived by others, the main thing – that these groups shared their desire for independence.

“That’s why we don’t see a problem to go to Russia or, for example, to sign an agreement with the Russian group,” he explained. At the same time, the American press notes that the separation of California from the US – unlikely.

As you know, in the elections of November 8, won the Donald trump. After the announcement of results of voting in the country, a wave of protests against the election of a billionaire.

Supporters of the separation of California from the United States handed over to the authorities a document on the preparation of the referendum 22.11.2016

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