In the Amur region find out circumstances of falling of helicopter Mi-8T, occurred in the afternoon on October 10 in the Zeya district, 50 kilometers from the Mountain village. Onboard there were, according to various estimates, from 12 to 14 passengers-geophysicists and three crew members. According to official data, three people received minor injuries. At the same time, eyewitnesses testify that the pilots suffered pretty serious, but through their actions managed to avoid the tragedy and loss of human life. The memory of his “second birth” Geophysics made selfi on the background lying on the ground rotorcraft.

East-the Siberian investigatory management on transport of Investigatory Committee of Russia began a preliminary examination on the fact of incidents. According to preliminary data, during takeoff from surveying the site after the gust of the helicopter of airline “Delta-K” tilted and touched the blades of the rotor the land, why fell on its side and was damaged. Three of those on Board received minor injuries, reported on the website of the Ministry.

On Board were Geophysics, Novosibirsk, reported on the public AST-54 in the social network “Vkontakte”. According to them, their salvation required the crew of the aircraft. The publication said that on Board were 17 people – 14 passengers and three pilots, all of them survived and were taken to the Mountain village.

Born again

According to eyewitness accounts of the incidents, at the time of the incidents suddenly the weather turned bad, blowing a hurricane and snowing.

“If not for experienced pilots, we would have been living in was not” – are on the page of AST-54 the words of one of the “lucky” named Eugene. Someone the crew in the comments scolds, and we are grateful to the guys for their second birthday. They’re so well managed helicopter “to believe” that no one was hurt! Moreover, the calculated angle so that stray blades of the helicopter one of the people waiting for us on the earth, not hurt”.

Geophysicist Willi Novoseltsev aboard, told “Interfax”that on Board at the time of emergency were 12 Novosibirsk geophysicists, and two of their colleagues were expecting a touchdown machine on the ground. According to them, thanks to the skillful actions of the crew managed to escape from the fire after the fuel spill.

The interlocutor of Agency has told that on that day he and his colleagues have completed seasonal work – collected people and equipment from geodetic sites. “We are engaged in seismic, easy to say. About 15 o’clock local time we arrived on the final point, where we waited for two colleagues. The weather was clear but windy. At the moment of landing from a strong gust of wind took the car and it struck the wheel. The crew tried to raise the helicopter into the air, but to no avail, another gust knocked it on its side,” said Novosel.

According to him, it all happened very quickly, and to regroup time was not: “I personally do not have time for anything to catch, so left the cabin. More affected are those who were in the middle of the cabin. Were mainly bruises and cuts. One of my colleagues cut off the scalp, the second the nose”.

The crew at this time focused on the salvation of people and equipment, so pilots “less fortunate,” said geophysicist: “I’m not a doctor, I don’t know what type of injuries, but saw that the two were bandaged head, and a third hematoma almost half fist.”

According to him, after the fall of the helicopter the crew was in a position where it was difficult to reach the switches, but helping each other, the pilots were able to turn off the engine.

“In my estimation, the guys acted properly. Fuel is spilled, but a random spark managed to avoid, otherwise I’d be right now with you not saying. Also lucky landing two waiting colleagues, maybe even more than us. The blade of the helicopter was a foot from one. There all scattered in a radius of 30 meters, some of the pieces of the blades slammed into the frozen ground,” said Novosel.

He added that immediately after the accident, the pilots contacted their airline, and Geophysics on a satellite phone with emergency, the result of people evacuated to a safe place before dark.

Also as a result of the accident suffered by the equipment, which geophysicists have collected up to crash with five other geodetic sites, the Agency reports.

The head of the Zeya district of the Andrew lozhechkin reported that on Board at the time of the accident was 14 geophysicists and three crew members. “According to preliminary information, during climb, the pilot did not keep the car because of strong wind, the helicopter tipped on its side,” – he said to journalists.

Survivors of a plane crash Geophysics Siberian took a selfie on the background of the crashed Mi-8 (PHOTO) 11.10.2016

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