The suspects in the case of the crash of Malaysian “Boeing” MH17 over the Donbas can be called before the end of the year, then maybe the establishment of an international Tribunal in the UN security Council to avoid a Russian veto. Of these steps in the investigation told the Australian foreign Minister Julie Bishop, commenting in an interview with ABC’s publication of the report of the Joint investigation team. She found that the complex “Buk” missile that downed the airliner, was delivered from Russia and returned back after launch.

The head of the Australian foreign Minister replied in the affirmative to the question whether SSG names responsible for the plane crash. Bishop stated that the next step for investigators will be determining those who are responsible for the downed aircraft and who has been involved in the decision and directly managed the rocket.” “Currently, SSG is busy this, and I believe that by the end of this, maybe early next year, the list of those who, in our opinion, is liable to be confirmed and then will need to begin prosecution,” – quoted by TASS.

You then define methods of prosecution. It will be organized by the Tribunal until there is clarity. Bishop admitted that the investigators will attempt “to enlist the support of the Security Council of the UN in organizing the international trial (under the auspices of the UN), but can do without it. The Minister said that the Tribunal “in the style of Lockerbie” – the explosion of a Pan American airliner over Scotland, who judged the citizens of Libya, after 10 years issued by the country’s leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Bishop stressed that both options have advantages and disadvantages: “For example, prosecution in one country is easier from a procedural point of view, but it will be necessary to ensure that the organizers have the necessary powers, e.g. the right to extradite those responsible for this barbaric act.”

The Australian foreign Minister also accused Russia of attempts to discredit investigation” and “attempt to divert attention from himself and transfer it to someone else”. “They (Russia) theory improbable and implausible,” said the Bishop. Earlier, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov has expressed doubts about the conclusions of the investigators. In an interview with the BBC he insisted that the investigation has not revealed the final truth, and on the Russian channel called activities of SSG biased.

An international investigation team composed of representatives of Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, the Netherlands and Ukraine. According to them, the investigation has “irrefutable evidence” that the 17 July 2014, flight MH17 was shot down from territory controlled by the separatist DPR, anti-aircraft missile complex “Beech”, delivered from the territory of the Russian Federation. The plane killed 298 people – citizens of 10 countries.

During the release of the report of SSG coordinator of the investigation Fred Westerbeke reported that the consequence has data on about 100 people involved in the launch of a series of 9M38 and transportation “Buck”. He stressed that all 100 people are suspects. To separate the suspects from the witnesses, you can determine from whom came the orders to run and how complex was transferred.

“The Lockerbie case”: the issuance of waited 10 years

DW notes that the tragedy in the East of Ukraine really comparable to the so-called “Lockerbie case”. Then the explosion of the plane of American company Pan American over the Scottish town of Lockerbie in December 1988 killed 270 people, mainly US citizens. Following the investigation, it was determined that the attack responsible citizens of Libya, then headed by Muammar Gaddafi.

In 1999, after lengthy negotiations, Colonel Gaddafi agreed to extradite the suspects on the condition that the court will be held on neutral territory.

In April 1999 the suspects were transferred to the Scottish police in the Dutch Utrecht, where the former American military base, the court held compliance with Scottish law. In 2001, the court issued a guilty verdict against the defendants.

Suspects in the case about the crash of MH17 can be called before the end of the year 02.10.2016

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