The Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Sverdlovsk area Valery Savelyev, who was caught in the fact that he played computer games directly from your tablet and phone during the meeting, explained through its press service that it was a forced behavior, because he is an investor in the gaming industry, reports the portal “”.

It is worth noting that one investment justification of MP is not restricted. As you can see from the video, posted on YouTube, Saveliev played hunting simulator on animals. Therefore, it is said, “Savelyev has decided to attract the attention of the public and the media to the subject of the evils of the real hunting. He refused to real hunting, replacing it with a virtual, and encourages all of his fellow deputies, who are fond of hunting, to follow his example, not to kill animals in reality.”

An apology from the Deputy followed. “Valery Savelyev as the founder of the investment company AVS Group investanalitiki advised to invest in the rapidly developing computer games industry. He couldn’t resist and decided to test another new product from the manufacturer”, – stressed in its press-service.

We will add that story to play the Deputy caused a great resonance in the fact that during this session the Parliament of the Sverdlovsk region listened to the budget address of the Governor.

A video in which the Deputy is testing “new from manufacturer”, scored almost 230 thousand hits on YouTube.

The MP ridiculed even Ivan Urgant in the evening show on the First channel. “Agree, rare to see so focused MP, immersed in the problem. Caesar! The person is able to do several things: he listens to the report, makes decisions and plays in two games – said the presenter. – The video still can not see what legs under the table, he on a typewriter writing a book “Serve my people”. He plays for himself and his absent colleague, who yesterday went in the sauna”.

Sverdlovsk Deputy, at the session of the legislative Assembly played directly on the phone and on the tablet, explained that the investment 20.10.2016

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