Sweden, preparing to attack Russia over concerns about Baltic States Russian aggression, checks hundreds of shelters in the event of a nuclear war on the island of Gotland in the Baltic sea, where placed regular troops of the Kingdom, writes The Independent. The Swedish Agency for civil defense (MSB) planned test 350 bunkers.

The bins are designed to protect people from the shock wave of a nuclear explosion, radiation, chemical and biological weapons. The head of the Agency for civil defense mats Berglund said to Sveriges Radiothat the inspection will be carried out during the year.

On the island of Gotland, home to about 60 thousand people, has about 350 shelters that can accommodate about 35 thousand people. Most of them are located in the cities of Visby, Slite and village Puresound. Shelter for 60 people is in the town of Klintehamn. Only in the years of the cold war in Sweden was established more than 60 thousand shelters.

Before that, the head of the Swedish intelligence service SAPO Andres Thornberg warned that there was “real and serious threat to the security” of the country. Although he did not mention Russia, it is known that Sweden began to build up arms after the annexation of Crimea to Russia.

In February, the MSB has sent municipalities a letter in which he gave instructions to prepare for war, and commander of the Armed forces of Sweden Mikael Boden called informed Russia of a major military threat to the Kingdom.

In January 2016, the commander of land forces of Sweden major General Anders Brannstrom, announcing the beginning of a large-scale exercise, saidthat the command of the Armed forces of the country is seriously preparing for open conflict, which may occur “within several years”. Then in February, NATO released a report which said that Russia in 2013 had conducted exercises, stimulirovanie attack on Sweden.

In 2016 Sweden decided ahead of time to bring the constant troops on Gotland. Although the commander of the Swedish armed forces does not see immediate threat to the Kingdom, the location of the battle groups was accelerated by six months.

Sweden checks 350 bunkers on Gotland in the event of war with Russia 22.03.2017

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