The Swedish authorities have officially recognized the death of diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, who saved from the destruction of thousands of Hungarian Jews during the Second world war and lost 71 years ago when nastennykh circumstances. Tax service of the Kingdom, responsible for registration of birth and death established date of death July 31, 1952, reports AP.

According to the rules of missing persons declared dead five years after his disappearance, in this case, the reference led from the announced by the authorities of the Soviet Union date of death, which is still not officially confirmed. To recognize the death of Wallenberg, which this year would have turned 104 years, the Agency appealed the SEB Bank, the executor of inheritance of a diplomat.

In September it became known that Wallenberg’s relatives asked the Russian authorities to provide them with previously unavailable documents that shed light on his death, including interrogation of Stalin’s Minister of state security Viktor Abakumov.

The request was prompted by the publication of the diaries of the Chairman of the KGB Ivan Serov, from which it became clearthat Abakumov was arrested confessed during interrogation that the order to liquidate Wallenberg came from Stalin and foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov.

“We have no supporting documents. Family and researchers were asked to provide a transcript of the interrogation Abakumov” – declared September 22 the coordinator of the international research group RWI-70 (Raoul Wallenberg Research Initiative-70) Suzanne Berger. Group is looking for documents about Raoul Wallenberg.

According to her, earlier researchers had provided a number of documents, including logs of the interrogation of Wallenberg during his stay at the KGB building on Lubyanka square, but in a partially redacted form, and now they will seek the originals.

Raoul Wallenberg – the Swedish diplomat who saved the lives of tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust, giving them passports of citizens of Sweden. He was arrested in January 1945, after the capture of Budapest by the red army and transported to Moscow, where he was held in Lubyanka and Lefortovo internal prison of the NKGB – MGB of the USSR.

In December 2000, the Prosecutor General’s office to rehabilitate Wallenberg and his driver Vilmos of Langfelder, ruling that both the employee and the Swedish diplomatic mission in Budapest was arrested by the Soviet authorities for political reasons. In the conclusion of the Prosecutor General stated that “the factual circumstances of their death, the presence of the materials of the criminal case, personal files of detainees or POWs could not be found”.

The circumstances of the death of Wallenberg for many years remained unclear. According to the official Soviet version of Raoul Wallenberg died on July 17, 1947 from myocardial infarction. Swedish researchers after a long correspondence with the archives of the FSB has establishedthat the death of Wallenberg was probably violent.

In mass-media there were messages referring to witnesses who allegedly met Wallenberg in the Gulag camps in 50 years. In the “Memorial” doubt the official version of his death in the Lubyanka prison and believe that the diplomat was murdered by the Soviet secret services. According to one version, he was transferred to spaccamela “lab-X”, where he introduced a lethal injection. According to experts, this version needs to be tested.

And gave impetus to new searches the diaries of the Chairman of the Committee of state security of the USSR Ivan Serov, where the quoted words of Viktor Abakumov, who to Serov headed the KGB, on the orders of Stalin and Molotov, was published in July 2016.

Sweden officially recognized the death of Wallenberg, missing in the Soviet Union under mysterious circumstances 01.11.2016

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