The Syrian authorities consider Crimea a part of Russia. This was stated by the Chairman of the Syrian Parliament hadia Abbas. The current leadership of Crimea has welcomed the statement of the head of the people’s Council of Syria, noting that this is only the beginning of the process of legalization of the Crimean referendum.

Abbas reported that Damascus recognizes the Crimea part of Russia, in an interview with Sputnik, which is part of the propaganda of the international news Agency “Russia today”. “In connection with the events that unfolded after the collapse of the Soviet Union to the present time, this subject has returned to his roots by free expression of the will of the people on the Crimean referendum… We recognize that Crimea is an inseparable part of Russia”, – said the head of the Syrian Parliament.

In turn, the Chairman of the state Council of Crimea Vladimir Konstantinov said that he welcomes the statement by the leadership of Syria on the recognition of the Peninsula part of Russia, reports TASS. “We are ready for contacts and contact now with all sane people around the world and trying to convey our position. And what we heard of the Syrian Parliament, is only the beginning of the process of legalization of our referendum,” – says Konstantinov.

In his opinion, the world is gradually beginning to understand what was called the Crimean referendum and what happened in February 2014 in Ukraine. “The world will have to admit anti-constitutional coup in Ukraine, otherwise the country’s going to the trouble”, – said the head of the state Council of the Crimea.

As the Crimea became part of Russia

In November 2013 President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych announced that suspends the process of signing the Association Agreement with the EU. This led to mass protests, which the press has labeled as the Euromaidan. In Kiev was held rallies supporters of European integration at the Independence square (Maidan Nezalezhnosti). After the police broke up the tent camp of the opposition in the night from 29 to 30 November, a protest rally has taken a dramatic anti-presidential and anti-government in nature. The crackdown on protesters was the reason for the formation of “self-defense forces” of the Maidan and the beginning of the seizure of government buildings.

President Yanukovych fled Ukraine on 22 February, after the escalation of the situation in Kiev and attempts “miganovce” to storm his residence. Former Ukrainian President is currently in Russia. According to media reports, the politician had fled from the country by sea through Crimea. The General Directorate for migration, Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia 13 October 2016, officially confirmedthat Yanukovych is on the territory of the Russian Federation on the basis of granted him temporary asylum.

Shortly thereafter, in the Crimea held a referendum on independence and joining Russia. The Peninsula became part of Russia in March 2014, the Russian President signed the laws on admitting Crimea and Sevastopol to the Russian Federation. The annexation of Crimea to Russia took less than a week, if counting from March 17, when the results held on the Peninsula the referendum Putin signed a decree “On the recognition of the Republic of Crimea”.

In April 2014, Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has made an ambiguous statement about the involvement of Russian special forces in the events in Ukraine. First, he said that such arguments “resemble paranoia,” and then added, paraphrasing Confucius: “let me just Say one thing: it’s hard to find a black cat in a dark room, especially if it’s not there. Especially stupid if this cat is smart, brave and polite.” Later, the Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmedthat the Russian soldiers in the Crimea were.

Syria has recognized the Crimea part of Russia 19.10.2016

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