Syrian authorities have denied a plan to rule Eastern Aleppo, which encouraged the UN. It happened on the background of active fighting in the rebel controlled Eastern part of the city. Human rights activists reported the deaths of 17 civilians on Sunday, including 11 children: one of the released militants hit a school building. According to some, was used chemical weapons.

About the civilian casualties reported by the Supervisory Board for human rights in Syria (SOHR). Human rights activists reported that the Syrian air RAID killed six members of one family, including four children, Syrian helicopters dropped barrel bombs on areas of the city under the control of insurgents. Video dead bodies were widely distributed on social networking accounts, covering military action in Syria. Reuters , citing medical reports that the family died due to the use of chlorine in barrel bombs. The Agency emphasizes that test these data from other sources fails.

Attacks by militants suffered several areas of Western Aleppo, which controls the Syrian army, SOHR reports also. One of the hits had in the school building in the district of al-Furqan, where classes were held. Syrian official news Agency SANA reported that it killed at least 10 people, including eight pupils under the age of 12 years.

DW reports that in Eastern Aleppo, the Syrian army on many days applies against opponents artillery, missiles and barrel bombs in preparation for a final assault on this part of the city.

According to the estimates of SOHR, over the past day, a bombing killed at least 55 civilians.

Aleppo became a center of military operations of the Syrian army. The Eastern part of the city is controlled by a number of extremist and opposition groups. All official Damascus calls terrorists headed “dzhebhat an-Nusra” (a group banned in Russia). Initially, support for the offensive were the Russian VKS. After numerous reports of civilian casualties, disseminated by the Western media, were announced several humanitarian pauses. Flights of Russian military aircraft in the area were terminated, reported the Ministry of defense.

The UN plan for self-governance rejected

The UN special envoy, Staffan de Mistura, on Sunday visited Damascus where he held talks with Minister of foreign Affairs of Syria Walid Muallem. During the meeting he suggested that the government in Damascus to grant autonomy to Eastern Aleppo.

Muallem at a press conference after the talks said that the idea is unacceptable to Damascus and threatens the sovereignty of the state. The Syrian state must save its citizens and will not allow them to remain hostages of the terrorists, he said.

The head of the Syrian foreign Minister reminded that the government made three
“humanitarian pause” in a row to the residents of the Eastern neighbourhoods of Aleppo
was able to leave dangerous areas, but gangs are not allowed
people to go through the corridors, a certain state.

Syria has rejected the plan for the government of Aleppo amid serious fights 20.11.2016

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