The Syrian army has said it is ready to shoot down planes from the Turkish air force in case the aircraft will intrude into the airspace of the country. It is reported by the Syrian Ministry of defense on its official website.

The statement expressed protest against the air strikes, which, according to Damascus, Turkey commits at targets in Syria.

“Any attempt of repeated violations of Syrian airspace by Turkish military planes will be back, and they will be shot down by any means necessary,” – said in a statement quoted by RBC.

According to the Agency SANA, the Syrian military has accused Turkish air force of bombing villages and towns in the Northern province of Aleppo, including Hassidic, Vardia and HESA, which killed more than 150 civilians.

The command said that the exercise of such naked aggression against civilians may lead to the escalation of the conflict.

On the night of 20 October, Turkey and supported the units of the Syrian opposition carried out an operation in the North of Syria. The military launched air strikes on human settlements Hassager, Vardia and HESA, which, according to the Turkish military, are the formation of Kurds.

The Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation stated that in the area of Husajcu killed six people, four people were injured, was destroyed two houses. At the time of the airstrike, according to the Agency, in the air, there were two fighters of the Belgian air force F-16.

Defense Minister of Belgium Stephen Vandeput accused Russia of misinformation and falsification of data. He argues that the identification numbers provided by Moscow, does not belong to his country’s air force.

Syria has threatened that will shoot down planes from the Turkish air force over its territory 21.10.2016

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