The story of a Syrian refugee, who framed the bandwagon operator of the Hungarian TV channel N1TV Peter Laszlo continued. A man named Abdel Mohsen, together with their young son suffered from bullying journalist, received an official job in Spain, reports DW.

Mohsen, unwittingly, has become a symbol of the drama of Syrian refugees. In early September, he managed to reach the Hungarian village Reske at the Serbian-Hungarian border. Together with other refugees he tried to break through police barricade. A man with a son in her arms ran, but tripped due to the steps taken by the Hungarian journalist.

After the incident received wide publicity, the attorney General of Hungary Zsolt kopacz announced about the beginning of the investigation of disorderly conduct in relation to Laszlo, and the Syrian, who at home was a football coach, was invited to work in the branch of the National center for the training of football coaches in the Madrid suburb of Getafe.

In conversation with journalists DW Mohsen told that I was born in 1963 in the city of Deir ez-Zor in Eastern Syria and has a child played for the youth team of the local football club “al-Futuwa”.

After school Mohsen was qualified football coach at the University of Aleppo city and then ten years coached young players, “al-Futuwa”. In the early 2000s, he was made responsible for training the Junior team of the Eastern regions of the country. Later Mohsen became a member of the Syrian Association for support and development of the sport, but in July 2011 he was forced to leave this position because of his sympathy for the Syrian revolution.

He joined the protest movement, which he calls the “peaceful” because “hates cruelty”. After much of the territory of the country was under the control of militants of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (banned in Russia), Mohsen decided to flee Syria with her family.

First, his family got to the Turkish city of Mersin. There he got a job as a physical therapist in the hospital. Simultaneously, the Syrian has created a football club called “Team hope”, which took part in several friendly matches.

However, then the cost of living in Turkey was too high for Mohsen, including from-for delays of a salary at the hospital. Then the man decided to leave the country and go to Germany to his son Mohammed, who is already nine months in Germany under the tutelage of the Munich office for youth Affairs. Mohsen took with him his youngest son, seven-year-Zaid and his wife, two other children were left in Turkey.

On the road from Turkey to Belgrade to Mohsen son took 2,500 euros and weeks of time. Problems have already started at the Serbian-Hungarian border. “On a small piece of land gathered hundreds of people. It was muddy and cold,” says Mohsen. The refugees wanted to have time to get to the border before it closes. Mohsen held the hand of Zaid, who was afraid of standing in front of them police officers and wept loudly. The boy complained of pain in the leg and refused to go further.

Father took him in his arms and ran, but tripped – Hungarian journalist was to trip him up. First, Mohsen swore at one of the nearby police officers. “I thought he could have framed my leg. I could not imagine that the journalist could do something like that,” he says.

Lage in #Roeszke #Hungary weiter schlimm – Polizei überfordert – Flüchtlinge durchbrechen Polizeikette – Verletzte!

— Stephan Richter (@RichterSteph) 8 September 2015

In the fall the son of Mohsen hurt. Talking the next day after the incident to journalists, the boy’s father said, still angry at the journalist. “I will not leave. It is not about me and my son, and all those refugees and Syrians,” he said. Mohsen intends to hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit against the woman-the operator and the broadcaster.

Last Saturday Mohsen arrived in Munich, where he finally managed to meet up with his eldest son Mohammed. “The Germans took us the best way. It was a great relief,” says football coach, who now took another EU country – Spain. Mohsen has already arrived in Madrid together with his sons. It is expected that he will take up his new duties in the near future.

Syrian refugee who kicked Hungarian journalist, became a football coach in Spain 18.09.2015

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