Syrian refugee ANAS Madamani, famous in the Internet after they posted a selfie with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, has filed a lawsuit against Facebook. Syrian accuses the social network in that it does not prevent the spread of fake news, calling him a terrorist and ascribe to him various criminal offences.

Hearings will be held on Monday, February 6, in the district court of the city of würzburg in southern Germany, reports DW. The role of the plaintiff is Madamani, in the role of the defendant, Facebook. It is expected that the court may decide on the possible in relation to the introduction of the social network of temporary injunction.

According to the lawyer of Chan-yo Jun, representing the interests of the plaintiff in court, the American Internet giant, there are often problems with the German law. “Slander and insults are a violation of German law but not standards (network. – Approx. community,” DW quoted the words of the lawyer to visit his office at Facebook. If the social network will refuse to fight the spread slanderous reports about Madamani, the lawyer hopes to recover from the company 250 thousand euros.

It is worth noting that earlier Chan-yo Jun already tried to get Facebook to account. In November 2016, according to his complaint, Munich prosecutors initiated the investigation of the criminal case against the founder of the social network of Mark Zuckerberg and its top managers on suspicion of aiding and abetting the incitement of ethnic hatred. The lawyer accused the leadership of Facebook is that it suffers incitement to murder, threats of violence, Holocaust denial and other crimes. Chan-Ho Jun is the founder and CEO of law firm, specializing in IT and economic rights.

Madamani became famous after he published in a Facebook selfie with Merkel, made in the fall of 2015 during the visit of the Chancellor in the temporary accommodation center for refugees in Berlin’s district of Spandau. The photos are immediately disseminated by the German media, in the next few months the were constantly in social networks.

In conversation with DW 19-year-old Syrian said that after the publication of the ill-fated selfie became the object of persecution. For example, recently users of Facebook has accused the refugee that he shared with several migrants from Libya and Syria tried to burn a sleeping homeless man in Berlin at Christmas.

The corresponding message with the attached photo Madamani received more than 500 thousand posts. Facebook considers it a violation of the community standards and refused to remove the entry with fake content. The lawyer of the Syrian claims that in the social network, you can still find photos of his client with the offensive comments.

In addition, in the spring of 2016, many users saw similarities with Madamani undermined itself on March 22 at Brussels airport a terrorist by Najim Laarabi. Many commentators accused Merkel is that she was photographed “with one of the Brussels suicide.”

Fake information was also disseminated by the Russian media, some of which are called the “sensational”. Later, a number of publications in Russia said the identity of the refugee in the picture.

Madamani previously told DW that “upset” by numerous comparisons with the Brussels terrorist. According to the Syrian, initially, he even feared that the reaction in social networks will force the German law enforcement bodies to start checking to establish the truth of these information.

Syrian refugee who made a selfie with Merkel, is suing Facebook due to the spread of fake news 08.02.2017

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