Taiwan’s ruling Democratic progressive party proposed
to legalize the country’s same-sex marriage after the suicide of Professor
National Taiwan University Jacques Picu who failed
confirm the legal status of the relationship with him died from cancer
long-term partner, reports PinkNews.
The bill was tabled in early

16 Oct French-born Jacques Pichu jumped from the tenth floor
your home. The death of 67-year-old Professor who taught at
the University of French friends called the suicide in the background
the depression into which he fell after the death of his partner Zeng
Ching jao. Zeng, with which the French lived for 35 years, died of cancer in
2015. The authorities denied Picu the right to participate in decision
medical decisions in the last minutes of the life of Zeng and did not recognize him
the right to property of the deceased.

LGBT community this Asian country has increased pressure on
the government headed by President Cai Inven that in the election
in January, promised to protect the rights of LGBT people. “How many more human lives
we need to lose as a result of government inaction?” – quotes
the British newspaper The
statement of the Taiwan Association of LGBT people.

Gay activists say that the death of Picu contributed to the removal
social taboos and soften public opinion about same-sex
relations. A lobby group called Pride Watch this tragedy
“turning point” in the history of the gay rights movement. The intention
The democratic progressive party to change the law on the family, given
the rights of gays and lesbians think there is a “breakthrough”. “We see that 66%
legislators are ready to vote for equality in marriage –
the activist says Pride Watch Cindy su. For the first time in Taiwan’s history
we are supported by more than half the population is 58.4 percent.”

It is expected that on Saturday, October 29, more than 80 thousand activists will be released
on the streets of the Taiwanese capital of Taipei, the largest in the history of Asian gay pride – 14-th.

The author of the bill Yu Mei-nu recognized that it would not be
support, if not the death of Piku: “This story touched people.
LGBT activists were very angry”. Yu said that too was
“a little upset”, but it set the stage for future success.
“It is time,” she said. According to her, the law can be adopted
in the next year.

It is noted that on the day following the publication of the bill
dust Picu and Zeng were scattered over the sea on the South-East
coast of Taiwan.

Taiwan could become the first Asian country to recognize same-sex marriages

From Eastern Asia in Japan only recognized same-sex marriages
prisoners in other countries, but on the Islands themselves same-sex marriage
and unions are not. In all the other countries of East Asia – China,
Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Mongolia, and North Korea – neither same-sex
marriages nor same sex partnerships are not permitted, although homosexuality

The same situation in South-East Asia, where there is no country,
recognizing same-sex marriages. In addition, in Brunei for a same-sex relationship
the death penalty in Burma – life imprisonment, and in
Singapore gays can be sentenced to two years in prison.

According to the website of the South Asian LGBT community CambodiaOut,
tolerance towards gays best things in Thailand and
in Bali (Indonesia), where many hotels, bars, guesthouses, Spa,
tourism companies, focused on gays, and developed
corresponding to the sex industry.

In Cambodia homosexuality is not prohibited, but the related
infrastructure compared to other Asian countries rudimentary
and mainly concentrated in the tourist areas (Siam Reap, Phnom Penh
and Sihanoukville).

In the ex-socialist Laos this worse, though the ban either, and
anthropologist David Berliner (Laboratoire d’anthropologie des Mondes
Contemporains, ULB) in his lectures
“Eutopia” (his term) is or becomes of Luang Prabang in
Northern Laos is included on the UNESCO world heritage list since 1995
year. The ethnographer considers “Eutopia” one effect “of unescoitalia”
(also his term).

In Malaysia, the penal code inherited from the colonial era
the criminalization of sodomy (including heterosexual), and along
oral sex, fueled by Islam, the official religion
Malaysia, although gayest place in the form of clubs, bars, saunas and Spa there are
there and to tourists the police are not too picky.

Finally, in Myanmar, male homosexuality is prohibited by article 337
Burmese UK; private, 469 article prohibits same-sex marriage; there are
articles prohibiting pornography, obscenity, etc. Local
gays keep quiet and huddle in the bars of Yangon.

Taiwan’s ruling party proposed to legalize same-sex marriage after the suicide of the French Professor 28.10.2016

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