A resident of the retirement village Mesquite Nevada Stephen Paddock, staged at the festival of country music in Las Vegas shooting the crowd, could be planning attacks on visitors to other event. It is likely that the original purpose of the pensioner was the annual music festival Life is Beautiful (Life is beautiful), held in the same city the previous weekend. However, while it is only speculation based on unofficial information.

Paddock rented residential premises with Windows looking out to the venue of the festival Life is Beautiful headliners which this year was an American hip-hop artist, Chancelor Bennett, acting under the pseudonym Chance the Rapper, as well as new Zealand singer Lorde. About it The Daily Beast said a senior source in law enforcement bodies. The interlocutor of the edition is not directly involved in the investigation of the crime, but familiar with the investigation.

To verify the information received, the journalist of The Daily Beast went in a 21-story luxury condominium Ogden, whose Windows offer a direct view to the festival site. But the management of the residential complex refused to disclose information about the Paddock. “We can’t confirm or deny anything regarding transactions with Mr. Paddock. I suggest you to contact the police. As you know, the investigation continues,” – said the head of Department on public relations in Ogden Melissa Warren.

The source suggested that the Paddock could be nerves or he just changed his plans and checked into Mandalay Bay on September 28. Then he took a room overlooking the site of the festival, Route 91 Harvest and opened fire on 20-thousand crowd of spectators, reminds the edition in the note, translated by InoPressa.

Earlier, the media got the pictures from the roomwhere the Paddock had been shooting. The photos show the body of a man lying on the floor, and scattered a number of weapons with sockets, and the axe the intruder allegedly broke a window to shoot it in the crowd.

Meanwhile, the motives of the Paddock is still unclear. Investigators expect to have more information at his mistress Marylou of denli. At the time of the carnage, the woman was in the Philippines and returned to the U.S. late Tuesday evening, 3 October, arriving from Manila to Los Angeles, Reuters reports.

It is known that the Paddock was previously married. As evidenced by court records, he married in 1977, the couple divorced in 1979, and in 1980, officially divorced in Los Angeles. Five years later, the Paddock remarried, but again divorced companion in 1989 and in 1990 divorced. In both cases the reason for divorce was irreconcilable differences listed.

Earlier, the reporters found that the Paddock was a player, I bet tens of thousands of dollars, had homes in four States, but preferred to stay in hotels with casinos. In the last years of his life he was a pensioner, lived quietly, without attracting attention. According to relatives, he loved country music and went to concerts like the festival, where he staged the shooting.

Relatives say that his wealth exceeded $ 2 million, he enriched the estate and through some of the firm he and his brother Eric Paddock then sold. Paddock also worked for Lockheed Martin, was at one time an accountant and real estate Manager. In retirement became addicted to gambling. Was the owner of two aircraft and had a private pilot’s license. Neighbors describe the Paddock like a wallflower.

Target “arrow from Las Vegas” was originally to be another music festival in the city 04.10.2017

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