The crews of Russian strategic bombers Tu-160 and Tu-95 air base Engels, located in the Saratov region, are given in the mode of combat duty, and airplanes hang cruise missiles, reported on Sunday Agency TASS, citing an anonymous military-diplomatic source.

Aviation strike group air base ready to perform tasks with combat launches of cruise missiles, said the Agency interlocutor. Engineering staff base sets for planes, cruise missiles and prepares the missile for combat use.

TASS recalls that the long range aircraft of Russian air force repeatedly used for pinpoint strikes on critical facilities (command posts, ammunition depots, and accumulation of military equipment, factories for making weapons and ammunition) of militants of the banned terrorist group “Islamic state” in Syria.

Earlier it became known that the aircraft carrier group of the Navy of Russia led by the aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” and the heavy nuclear missile cruiser “Pyotr Veliky” was preparing to attack the positions of terrorists in the far outskirts of Aleppo.

Sunday in social networks has spread post Australia ABCNews journalist Sophie McNeill in which she argues that the residents of Eastern Aleppo and the rebels got on the mobile phone messages of impending large-scale operation after 24 hours. They are given this time to leave the city or surrender.

East #Aleppo residents say they’ve received these text msgs from the regime giving them 24 hrs to leave before a new attack begins #Syria

TASS: strategic bombers in the Saratov region the kick from the missiles 13.11.2016

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