On Monday, the Supreme court of Tatarstan ruled to acquit the defendants in the criminal case about the double murder committed in 2003. The decision of the Russian Themis based on the jury’s verdict.

32-year-old pilot Sergei Senin, a 45-year-old Nikolai Kozlov, and 33-year-old Radik Gataullin after the verdict was released, writes “Business Online”. November 10, the jury found them guilty of murder, although the suspects have given grateful evidences.

As follows from the materials of the criminal case, 13 July 2003, three young men in masks broke into the home of the famous in tetjusi the businessman and tried to make a safe. However, they did not know that the owner was asked to look after the house in his absence his brother and one of friends. When the robbers began to make a safe out of the house, the victims tried to stop them.

One of the attackers (according to investigators, they were Senin) drew a pistol and fired several shots at people, guarding private property. One victim died on the spot and – after a few days in the hospital.

The investigators concluded that the crime involved three residents Titus, suspected to be affiliated with the liquidated criminal group “North”. The suspects Senin, goats and Gataullin were detained and one of them even pleaded guilty. However, due to lack of evidence and inconsistencies in the prosecution case, the criminal case was suspended after three years of investigation.

As it turned out, Senin and his alleged accomplices had an airtight alibi. That night they all rested in the bar, and then saw them in the store “24 hours”. Moreover, as every hour of the murder (the time established by the investigation) Senina Kozlov, who was riding in the car, stopped the traffic police, wrote “Novaya Gazeta”.

But even this alibi did not save Senin from criminal prosecution, which lasted for 13 years.

27 APR 2006 an investigator of Tetyushsky district of Tatarstan Rustam Valiullova issued a ruling on termination of criminal proceedings brought in respect of students of pedagogical College Sergei Senin. Prosecutors also acknowledged his right to rehabilitation and compensation for damage in connection with the prosecution (in the future with the Kazan human rights center Sergey received through the court compensation).

In subsequent years, Sergey has learned, like his father, a pilot, worked in Samara, then in Magadan, he entered the Academy of civil aviation in St. Petersburg. He intended to learn English, to fly on international routes. In the summer of 2016 Sergei was scheduled wedding.

However, a criminal case was not closed. Several times the investigation was resumed and then again “frozen”. In January 2016 a criminal case again the course “in connection with again opened circumstances”. As it turned out, against Senina testified his accomplice. While the investigators were still significant blind spots. In particular, to find the murder weapon and failed.

In the spring of 2016, the police detained gataullina and Senina. But the goats by the time he was serving a sentence in jail for committing theft and drug trafficking. He also “remembered” after 13 years, the circumstances of the assassination, allowing the arrest Senina.

Evidence against Senina, the investigation began to give and Gataullin. However, the pilot was asked not to trust the words of accomplices. Sergei added, however, that Kozlov is a drug addict and Gataullin was convicted for the fatal outcome. In this accident he received a serious head injury, and subsequently served time in prison.

In 2002, Gataullin graduated from the agricultural school, but has since never officially worked odd jobs.

In contrast, Sergei Senin had a successful career, becoming an airline pilot “Force” (Siberian light aviation). However, for the investigators of the testimony of the criminals was more important than the statements of the pilot.

Seninu was threatened with life imprisonment, and his accomplices shifted the charge from robbery to theft, and then completely removed it “due to expiration of limitations.”

When the case went to trial, 11 of 12 jurors admitted Senin innocent. Supreme court of Tatarstan decided to pay for the work of defence from the Federal budget, however, refused Senino in compensation of moral harm, informs “the Media”. Lawyer Leo Chumakov said that Senin has not yet decided whether to appeal the verdict. But it plans to make the Prosecutor’s office of Tatarstan.

Tatarstan Supreme court acquitted the pilot, accused of killing 13-year-old 15.11.2016

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