The main rival of billionaire Donald trump for the fight to represent the Republican party in the presidential elections Senator Ted Cruz called his Vice-President became the former head of Hewlett-Packard Carly Fiorina. The joy sang a song that was well received by listeners in Indianapolis, but much less sympathetic political observers who felt such a strange escapade, notes Reuters.

“If I am nominated as a final candidate, I will participate in the race in a pair with Carly Fiorina,” said Cruz. He became the first politician to applying currently for the presidency of the United States, who named his “partner”, notes TASS. Other members of the current presidential campaign has not yet announced his choice. However, it should be noted that Donald trump on most of the performances are accompanied by standing at the podium the Governor of new Jersey Chris Christie.

Cruz said the experience and knowledge Fiorina, her reputation as a conservative, as well as its ability to make the right decisions. “She knows how to create jobs,” – said the Texas Senator. Fiorina, speaking after Cruz, said that he accepted the proposal of Senator. “We will win this struggle,” she said.

According to the us associated Press Agency, one of the reasons why Cruz chose Fiorina as a “partner”, might be the fact that she is well known in California, where the June 7 primary election will be Republicans. This state is one of the most important in the election campaign, at the end of voting it will be decided who will vote for 172 delegate. Fiorina in 2010 claimed the nomination of a Senator of Congress from California.

Fiorina was considered one of the “leaders among outsiders” in the early stages of the race for the nomination from the Republican party. She has repeatedly made anti-Russian statements, indicating the need for hard lines. In February she came out of the struggle, and in early March, publicly spoke out in support of Cruz.

Columnist for Forbes , Doug Schoen calls the team of Cruz and Fiorina “an Alliance of two losers”: in his opinion, Cruz made a completely useless choice that certainly not are able to undermine the position of trump.

Ted Cruz called the Fiorina as his Vice President. The joy of singing 28.04.2016

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