Legendary American TV host Larry king said that he underwent surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. He said this in an interview with US Weekly.

83-year-old king said that doctors diagnosed him with lung cancer during a routine examination. As the journalist noted, he was lucky that the disease is detected at an early stage. The doctors explained that despite the refusal of the king from Smoking due to heart problems back in the late 80-ies, it affected the appearance of lung cancer.

According to Larry king, the operation was carried out on 17 July this year at a clinic in Los Angeles (California) – surgeons removed 20% of the lung tissue. After two weeks of treatment, the presenter went back to work. Recent x-rays confirmed that the cancer is completely cured, he said.

Larry king has been working in journalism for 60 years – to broadcast on radio WAHR he started in 1957. Then, at the suggestion of businessman Ted Turner went to work on them based news channel CNN. During this time he took more than 50 thousand interviews with actors, musicians, public figures and politicians, including us presidents. During his career king received dozens of professional awards, including a Peabody award and an Emmy award for merits in the field of television.

From 1985 to 2010, king was leading a talk show “Larry King Live”. In 2013, king began working for the American segment of Russia Today TV channel. Currently the program Larry King Now on the website Hulu and RT America.

Among the interviewed politicians, king was the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. In conversation 2000 on the question of what happened to the submarine “Kursk”, the Russian leader replied with struck many a grin: “It sank”. Submarine wrecked in the Barents sea on 12 August 2000. All 118 crew members aboard were killed.

Television host Larry king told about his victory over lung cancer 14.09.2017

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