Fighters NATO rose into the air on 22 September to escort two Russian Tu-160 bombers, flying along the Atlantic coast. This became known only now, reports the BBC.

Intercept the bombers two F-16 fighters began on the morning of 22 September off the coast of Norway. Then the mission of escorts close to Scotland took on two British Typhoon.

Soon, the Russian aircraft took a course in French Brittany, where 100 kilometers from the coast they were accompanied by four French fighter Rafale, says Le Figaro. After that, the Tu-160 flew along the coast of Spain, accompanied by two Spanish F-18. In the Spanish area of Bilbao bombers turned North in the direction of Russia.

The confrontation between Russia and the West incidents in the skies involving Russian and Western military aircraft are increasingly common. Moscow sees them as a threat from NATO, Washington – a manifestation of Russian aggression and provocative show of force.

On 23 September the command of the British air force took to the air stationed in Scotland fighters to send to intercept two Russian bombers, which approached the airspace of the Kingdom. Typhoon fighters from the unit in Lossiemouth was accompanied by two Russian Tu-160 (NATO – Blackjack) as long as the bombers have not left a district of London interest.

Tu-160 – supersonic strategic bomber-bomber with variable sweep wing. Today is the largest and most powerful in the history of military aviation supersonic aircraft in the world with the largest among the bombers take-off weight. Among pilots known as the “White Swan”. In 2010, the Tu-160 has set the record range is 18 thousand kilometers. In 2015, defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced its intention to increase the number of Tu-160 from 15 to 50.

Ten NATO fighters accompanied in flight by two Russian Tu-160 05.10.2016

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