TFR has identified millions in theft when disposing of chemical weapons – artillery shells containing sarin and lewisite. On charges of “fraud in especially large size” arrested the CEO of the company-contractor nail Bulgin, the participant of elimination of accident on the Chernobyl NPP, informs “Kommersant”.

Criminal case concerning 56-the summer General Director of JSC “Ekros-Engineering” Naila Buljina who became disabled after participating in the liquidation of Chernobyl accident and invalids of II group, opened Main investigation Department of the TFR. With him defendants in the case are “unidentified persons” from the Federal Department for safe storage and destruction of chemical weapons (FBU BHUJA FU) in the Ministry of industry

In SKR have confirmed that a criminal case on embezzlement of budget funds allocated for the disposal of chemical weapons, however his details to discuss refused, citing the interests of the investigation.

Under the contract the firm was supposed to supply the plant for destruction of chemical weapons “been” in the eponymous village in Udmurtia 85 tons of monoethanolamine and 370 tons of lime special on 16 million rubles. These reagents are used in the enterprise for destruction contained in large caliber artillery projectiles, chemical agents sarin and lewisite. In total in Kizner, where the plant was put into operation in 2013, must be disposed more than 2 million shells left over from Soviet times. According to investigators, Bulgin unnecessarily inflated the value of the delivered reagents amounting to more than 10 million rubles.

“Kommersant” points out that among the arguments in favor of the arrest Buljina voiced by the investigator in the Basmanny court of Moscow was an unusual one. He said that before the end of the year must undergo a new auction for the supply of reagents, and, being at liberty, the nail Bulgin maybe participating in them to continue to commit the theft of budget funds. The court has supported the petition, though against the arrest was made by the representative of the Prosecutor’s office.

Buljina lawyers claim that the investigation has no proofs of guilt, and it is unclear how we calculated the cost of reagents. According to protection, the company’s net profit on the transaction, the lawyer said, amounted to less than 1 million rubles And after the execution of the contract any claims neither from the customer nor from the state in “Ekros-Engineering” has not been received. Himself Bulgin believes detention is the result of unfair competition.

Sources of “Kommersant” claim that the investigating and other contracts FBU FU BHUJA: firm in 2011 supplied the liquidators of chemical weapons, various equipment, laboratory supplies, rubber gloves and so on.

TFR has identified millions in theft when disposing of chemical weapons 08.10.2016

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