While the state Duma this year decided to refuse from holding new year corporate party, against the backdrop of the crisis of the voters didn’t put a view publicly “fattening” of MPs, as explained by parliamentarians, public corporations are not going to deprive yourself of a holiday. But if before the party were open, now disguised as a conference. In fact, new year’s eve event with a new serious name represents a corporate. However, some changes still occurred: to replace the expensive guest stars came to the Bayan and the balalaika, to a greater extent appropriate became popular ideas of patriotism.

About changing the format of the”Moscow Komsomolets” said the producer, managing partner of an international concert agencies Kirill Chibisov. “In connection with criticism of the head of state in the state corporations became “wrong” to arrange before the New year celebrations in a big way. Now no one invites to the corporate world’s top stars, a performance which was estimated at 500 thousand and a million dollars”, – told the interlocutor of the edition.

This years state of the Corporation adapted to the crisis conditions and have changed the format of the Christmas party. “Now they hold conferences that end with a gala dinner or gala concert. It payprotocol event. It is, as a rule, on Thursday, starts at 15:00-16:00 hours. All present sit in a conference room in business suits with badges and listening to, say, annual report, watch a corporate film. And then, after the break, 18 in the evening sit at tables, listen to the concert and at nine in the evening already go home,” – said lapwing.

Russian President Vladimir Putin in December 2013 on the forum of the Russian popular front (onf) has called a “game” the allocation of budget funds for corporate events in state-owned companies. As a positive example of the Russian leader recalled his service in the KGB, where the holidays employees “throw off” themselves.

Then in the state Duma on corporate chipped the deputies themselves, and invited artists performed at the party for free – out of respect. Pop in the rooms were attended by MPs, Sergei Naryshkin sang a duet, and Vladimir Zhirinovsky conducted the “choir boys”, sang the Aria from “La Traviata.”

According to estimates onf in 2013, some of the Russian state Corporation refused expensive corporate saving therefore 277 million. The recommendations of Putin was followed by OAO “Russian Railways”, where the paying party has decided from the personal assets of members of the management Board of the company, and “Russian Post”, United aircraft Corporation and “rostec”, where refused from the collective holidays.

At the same time, the onf has identified a planned new year’s festivities in state-owned companies worth about 500 million rubles. In particular, the instructions of the President neglected to “Gazprom”, “Transneft”, “Bank of Moscow” and JSC “Krasnoyarskenergosbyt”.

In 2014, officials began to report failures from the celebration of new year corporate parties cost money. The onf has recorded that the number of state-owned companies, celebrating the New year, fell four times, and spending by festival – 10 times.

Back then in organizing holidays agencies reporters were told that government orders for corporate events less still did not, but the information about the costs of these events are now harder to find. State-owned companies began to make the party as the “conference and training”, coffee break or seminar, transfer holidays for employees in November or January and to call them “jubilee company” or snap to the professional holiday.

In 2015, citizens continued publicly to convince you that the festive appetites of officials and state-owned corporations have become more modest in a crisis. The Kremlin has stated that it will refuse new year corporate parties and carry only the traditional reception on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation.

In the state Duma decided to make instead of a corporate party, gathering him five thousand rubles. The event was held in the plenary hall with the participation of famous artists Lev Leschenko and Oleg Gazmanov. MPs were told that because of the crisis in the menu it was decided to abandon red, black caviar and expensive alcohol. Alternative to steel tartlets, fruit and Crimean champagne.

Finally, in 2016, it became known that the State Duma of the seventh convocation will refuse from the new year holiday. As reported earlier, three sources in the office of the lower house of the Russian Parliament, the corresponding order was received from the speaker Vyacheslav Volodin.

“Conference” prevent scandals in social networks

A new form of parties allows employees of corporations to maintain their reputation, even in the case of leaks, photos and videos from the festival on the Internet. “If someone on the page in the social network or Instagram photo appears to have a certain person sitting at the table with the star, he will always be with the badge. No reproach – a conference!” – said the interlocutor of “MK”.

Last year, the reason for the scandal was caught on a YouTube video in which the head of “RUSNANO” Anatoly Chubais during new year corporate party announced to its employees that the company “very much money” and promised to continue “for the market to respond.” Also the head of the Corporation said that workers are waiting for payment of two premiums.

After that, the state Duma asked the head of the government Dmitry Medvedev to strengthen control over spending in the “RUSNANO”, Recalling the “gross inefficiency” of the company and its loss. The Corporation assured that the corporate event was organized on the personal funds of the members of the management Board in the amount of 2 million 238 thousand rubles.

Nevertheless, the government still decided to checkwhere the “Rosnano” the money came from corporate and double award, a check was made by the Vice Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich. The auditors found that the management of the Corporation fully compensated for the costs of collective celebration. The chamber found that Chubais fully paid the value of minus three hundred participants – 3.3 million – just two days after the festivities.

The Bayan and balalaika took the place of expensive stars

Lapwings also noted that it has now become fashionable to refer to the idea of patriotism and national unity. If earlier before the event in the lobby could play jazz band, instrumental Quartet and saxophonist, now a sought-after Bayan and balalaika in national costumes.

“Populists, as a rule, the opening act, playing for about 10-15 minutes, not more. During this time, photographers take all the pictures. The Director General and managers pose in front of the company logo and artists in the headdress and with the accordion. Then, if someone asks with passion: “You that, again, wasting people’s money?” you can say: “Yes you that? We have a conference, we support our national spirit and unity,” said the producer.

According to him, the number of “conferences” has grown in comparison with the previous year by about three times.

The cost of the stars in foreign currencies remained unchanged, despite the significant fall of the ruble. Thus, although the background of the crisis of the concerts of the artists although fewer, profit remained roughly the same. “If Grigory Leps (cost performance, according to Chibisova, is 100 thousand euros. – Approx. NEWSru.com) cost, according to the old rate of the ruble to the Euro, 3.5 million rubles, now it is necessary to lay out for his statement, all of 7.5. Even though his work was less overall in the ruble equivalent, he lost nothing. Profit remained the same as in the last five years. Many believe if you have at the event were Leps, then you are doing well,” – said lapwing.

The representative of the Agency on organization of festivals Andrey Anufriev told “MK” that Philip Kirkovo is worth 100 thousand euros, and Nikolay Baskov – a little less. Leonid Yakubovich, Igor Vernik, Alexander Maslyakov and Dibrov, acting as compere, asking for 10-15 thousand euros.

On the background of the crisis once again gaining popularity stars 1980-90-ies. Twice were the performances of Tatyana Bulanova. At the same time, rarely have to invite foreign stars, which in contrast to domestic does not increase the value of their performances during the holidays. “Now I hear from the Russians: “the European Union and America have announced to us sanctions in retaliation we will not invite them stars.” This is a virtual public agreement”, – said lapwing.

The accordion instead of the stars: the state-owned companies began to mask under a corporate conference with a Patriotic bent 25.11.2016

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