Former President of Finland Tarja Halonen at the meeting of the international discussion club “Valdai” in Sochi on 27 October, mentioned the initiative of the Finnish Church on mass bell ringing in memory of the victims of the bombing in Aleppo. These words caused irritation of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

Halonen during a panel discussion with the head of the Russian Federation in the framework of the meeting of the club was reminded of the Finnish initiative, calling on churches around the world to arrange a memorial peal for the victims of air strikes in Aleppo. Putin angrily responded to the words of the former President of Finland, reports Yle with reference to the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat.

The Russian leader saidthat civilians are dying not only in Aleppo but also in Yemen and Afghanistan, where, according to him, “one stroke aircraft destroyed entire wedding.” “In my opinion, the bells should ring for all these innocent victims,” – said the President of the Russian Federation.

Halonen in an interview with Helsingin Sanomat hinted that Putin’s irritation may be associated with the existing probability of the accession of the Russian churches to action. “I know that President Vladimir Putin visits the Orthodox Church. He understands the value that the initiative of the bells of the Helsinki parish extends to other countries,” – said the publication of the former head of state.

Halonen also said that familiar with President Putin, and during the bilateral discussions, they talk to each other more openly.

Action in memory of the victims of the bombing in Aleppo, Syria, began with the Kallio Church in Helsinki. The bells of the Church rang for two weeks, Recalling the dead from air strikes. Rector of the parish Teemu laajasalo was announced that another 800 churches in dozens of countries in four parts of the world have agreed to participate in the promotion. While there were unhappy with the initiative. Seppo Simola, chief editor of the newspaper of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, Kirkko ja kaupunki, wondered whether the Church to intervene in world politics.

The General staff of the armed forces, on 28 October, addressed to Putin asking to resume air strikes against militants in Eastern Aleppo. The General staff announced that the Syrian opposition launched an offensive in the city, taking advantage of the moratorium on the use of Russian and Syrian aircraft that allegedly led to numerous victims among the civilian population. Putin, however, considered it inappropriate resumption of Russian air strikes videoconferencing in Aleppo.

On the cessation of the bombing of videoconferencing and air force of Syria Moscow announced on 18 October, after the European Union allowed the recognition of Russia’s actions in Aleppo war crimes and in anticipation of the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting “Norman Quartet” in Berlin. In addition, the cease-fire coincided with the summit of EU leaders in Brussels to discuss the possibility of introducing sanctions against Russia because of the situation in Syria, but any state not proposed the adoption of punitive measures.

The ceasefire was intended for the exit of civilians from Aleppo, the evacuation of the wounded and sick, as well as to ensure that the city could leave the militants blocked in the Eastern districts.

The action with the ringing of bells in memory of the victims of the bombing in Aleppo has irritated Putin 31.10.2016

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