Famous Russian theatre and cinema actor, people’s artist of Russia Dmitry Pevtsov was included in the list of persons banned from entry into Latvia, informs radio Baltkom.

Singers had to come to Latvia in November to take part in the traditional festival of Russian films “Moscow Premiere in Riga”, on 19 and 20 November was planned his concerts, and the premiere of his new film, told the Director of “Moscow House” in Riga, Yuriy Silov.

“However, for reasons beyond us and completely incomprehensible reason, the Singers were in the “black list” and will not be able to come to Latvia because they have been denied that right”, he said. – As I said… the Latvian government does not want to see the famous Russian actor. I tried to find out what the reason for the inclusion Pevtsov in the “black list”, but there is no explanation”.

He Singers in the interview to radio station “Star” noted that no official document banning him from entry to Latvia are not seen, but believes that it may be associated with his statements about politics at press conferences, including in the Baltic States.

“We were there in the spring with students at the student festival, and I was at a press conference where absolutely honestly answered the questions, as I usually do, told the Singers. – Including about Putin and the Crimea. Because I agree with what makes Mr President, and I am very pleased to return to the Crimea, I there said. Obviously, this was the reason, other reason I do not see”.

Last time Singers came to Latvia in March of this year, the international festival of student performances of theatre of Stanislavsky universities.lv, during which he, along with his wife, actress Olga Drozdova has presented performances of their students – “CHAHARGAH” and “In this lovely old house…”

Then on the meeting with the residents of the Singers as a specific cause for patriotism called sporting achievements of Russia, high combat and moral qualities of the Russian army and the Crimea, said Baltkom. “Crimea became ours, said Singers. – Not something that we considered. We start to be afraid of. It is good”.

In the Latvian “black list” also includes a number of Russian figures of show business, who previously openly supported the Kremlin line on Ukraine: singers Iosif Kobzon and Oleg Gazmanov, Valeria, the actor and Director Ivan Okhlobystin and actor Mikhail Porechenkov.

The actor Dmitry Pevtsova denied entry to Latvia 24.10.2016

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