Daughter of “Aeroflot” of a loukoster “Victory” has submitted to arbitration court of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region the claim of two million rubles on protection of business reputation to the newspaper about travel Travel.Ru and his correspondent Yuri Plokhotnichenko. A corresponding entry made in the record of the court.

“Victory” is criticized in three articles Yuri Plokhotnichenko, published 8, 11 and 19 July Travel.Ru – “Victory” handed to the police a couple with a baby due to the change seats on the plane”, “Victory” introduced pointless new tariff system” and “Victory” again broke the law by doubling the fee for the right to sit together on the plane.” They tell in particular about how representatives of the airline deliberately seated passengers flying together, trying to earn extra money for the change.

“Humiliating policy of the carrier, almost unparalleled in the world, leads to conflicts both at the check-in counters and on Board the aircraft. Already this spring, “Victory” instead of canceling this bordering on sadistic practices tightened her leveled their crews the duty to prevent attempts to reunite passengers already on the plane and block a change to the free space” – wrote the journalist in the first article.

As an example, cited the incident on the flight Bergamo – Moscow with a married couple with a baby, “which “Victory” as usual scattered on different ends of the plane.” “According to passengers of the flight, before takeoff, a baby began to cry, and the pair moved to the free seats next to the effort to calm him down. To him now came the flight attendant with the requirement to return to their former places and got rejected – which will probably agree most parents. The conflict lasted the entire flight, and upon arrival in Moscow, the crew called the police and made a statement about the “riot” on Board”, – stated in the article. The incident was widely discussed in social networks.

In the second article criticized the tariff system and its information representation. However, as reported by the representative of the airline , RIA “Novosti”, “false information discrediting business reputation of the claimant” contained in the third article, which States that “Victory” they doubled the amount required from families or couples for the opportunity to sit on the plane together, and, according to the author, thus “violated the law”.

The Agency reports that the lawsuit was filed about protection of business reputation against correspondent of the portal, which accused the carrier, including “the practice, bordering on sadism.” This phrase has passed into an article of July 19, unchanged from the earlier article.

“Unfortunately, in recent years journalists and bloggers in pursuit of ratings and citation not only unacceptable and extremely aggressive propaganda expression, but an outright lie”, – quotes the representative of loukoster “Interfax”.

On the eve it was reported on another claim “Victory” on two million roubles to the “Novaya Gazeta” journalist Anastasia Egorova for the article “Quest “Victory.” A game for people with a strong nervous system, the adventure for groups of up to 186 people. The statement on the passage”. Among the claims mentioned in the message on the deliberate Seating of children and parents. These data emphasize the airline are not true. “For flights “Victory” child up to 12 years definitely gets a place next to one of the parents or an accompanying person without any additional fees”, – said the airline.

In may, the “Victory” demanded to declare invalid the order of Federal Agency for transport supervision on February 29, 2016, which States that the failure of the joint location on Board the aircraft of underage passengers and their parents is a gross violation of the law, but at the end of August, as reported by RBC, the Moscow arbitration court at the request of the airline ceased production in this proceeding.

In addition, “Victory” is trying to achieve through the courts of law not to feed passengers and to charge for carriage in the cabin of women’s backpacks.

Lawyer Igor Trunov such an abundance of claims explained to the TV channel “360 suburbs” the fact that the low-cost airline uses a court and legal practice as advertisement: “This is a normal Western practice that they have adopted”. “The claim of two million rubles is just ridiculous, but the resonance that gives the suit has other effects, and many learn from these publications that the airline is such that it cheap, and it is very profitable,” – said Trunov.

The airline “Victory” has filed a lawsuit against journalist Travel.ru, accusing it of sadism 13.10.2016

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