The Australian Federal police has officially confirmed that on Wednesday conducted a search in located in the Sydney home of Australian entrepreneur and a specialist in encryption Craig Steven Wright and his office is not connected with media reports that he supposedly is the Creator of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. In a statement police said that a search of the house in the area of Gordon and the office in the Ryde area was conducted as part of an investigation by the Australian tax office for the case of non-payment of taxes. Wright himself on a search warrant was not present. He disappeared from his home, and his whereabouts are currently unknown.

According to the newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald, Wright has had problems with the law, in addition to taxes. So, in 2004, the businessman was found guilty of contempt of court in trial of a business dispute.

A few hours before elapsed before the search of popular American magazine Wired and Gizmodo called the 44-year-old Wright, the Creator of cryptocurrency Bitcoin, saying that he is hiding under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, known in the global Internet community.

However, the representatives of Australian law enforcement agencies insist that the search was conducted as part of an investigation about tax evasion. Tax officer, who requested anonymity, told the newspaper The Australianthat the search warrant at Wright’s home, which began a few hours after reports of his “expose” was “pure coincidence”. “At the same time have been several events,” he explained.

At the present time is not known at Wright. All attempts of journalists to find the entrepreneur failed, reports TASS. According to official statistics, Wright is the Director of two IT companies – Hotwire and Panopticrypt, and both are registered at his home address Sydney.

Press writes that the interests of Wright is a Sydney lawyer Andrew Sommer, who specialises in cases involving modern computer technologies. At the same time, Sommer refused to confirm that Wright is his client.

Founder of Australian company ABA Technologies, Chris Guzowski in an interview with SMH stated that the American edition “got a sufficient amount of indirect evidence to support their assumption that Wright is hiding behind the nickname Satoshi Nakamoto”. According to Guzowski, Wright was closely associated with the cryptocurrency from the beginning. “He certainly has accumulated a large amount of bitcoins and already has a history of litigation with the IRS”, he added.

Bitcoin – peer-to-peer payment system that uses the same currency unit, began operating in 2009. The aim of the developers was to create a system completely irreversible transactions, where an electronic payment between two parties takes place without a third party. To ensure the functioning and protection system using cryptographic methods, but all information about the transaction is encrypted and not available in the clear. One of the main features of the system – complete decentralization, i.e. its operation is not supported and is not regulated by state or Bank Supervisory authorities.

The alleged Creator of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin disappeared from his home in Australia 10.12.2015

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