In Germany, the search continues for the alleged terrorist, whose apartment in Chemnitz was discovered the explosives. 22-year-old Syrian suspect in preparation of a terrorist attack using explosives. Looking for him all over the country, reports DW.

The police operation took place in Essen yesterday. Security officials published a photo of the main suspect – 22-year-old Syrian Jaber al-Bakr. Was arrested three people, but al-Barka was not among them.

Sunday, October 9, police reported that two of the three detained friends of the suspect released. The third remains in custody on suspicion of aiding and abetting the alleged offender.

In the apartment where he lived al-Bakr, in the course of the antiterrorist operation was found a few hundred grams of explosives of great power. The police reported that discovered in the apartment of an explosive substance – such as what was used in the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels. The police hope that in the apartment of the terrorist left the main part explosives.

The house in which lived an alleged Syrian terrorist during the RAID were evacuated. On the night of October 9 most residents were allowed to return. Closed there is only the entrance, where the suspect lived.

The alleged leader of the terrorists from Chemnitz looking for throughout Germany 09.10.2016

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