US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro during a speech to the graduates of the Israeli Interdisciplinary College in Herzliya, said that the most urgent and complex issue which will have to decide the next American President after the elections, will be the topic of Russia’s military presence in the middle East, reports NEWSru Israel.

According to the diplomat, if earlier, the biggest military power in the region had Israel, for the first time in many years the middle East has witnessed the presence of influential and “not very friendly” military force.

Speaking about the upcoming presidential elections in the US, Dan Shapiro recommended not to rely on pre-election polls, as they poorly represent the final result. He explained that the presidential elections are not direct, and the winner in each state gets all the electoral votes of the state.

Shapiro recalled that Israel enjoys long-term and unwavering support of representatives of both us parties, being the only democracy in the middle East, and the military and economic partner of the United States. The diplomat stressed that Israel will always have political and financial support from Washington.

“I think that, whatever the results of the presidential elections, highlights the US attitude toward Israel will remain unchanged,” he assured Dan Shapiro.

In mid-October, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has called the war in their country, a direct conflict between the US and Russia, placing Russia between such regular Syrian allies like Iran and Hezbollah (the Lebanese Shiite militant organization and political party, advocating for the creation in Lebanon of an Islamic state as terrorist USA, Israel, Egypt, the League of Arab States and other countries).

The American Ambassador in Israel said that the main issue for the new US President will be Russian troops in the middle East 01.11.2016

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