The scandal with the leaked emails of the Democratic party of the United States, which Washington suspects Russian hackers, inflames with new force. Now us officials, which, without naming names, referenced by the TV channel CNN, accused the Russian authorities in cooperation with the organization WikiLeaks, which continues to publish the stolen correspondence.

American officials familiar with the investigation into the leak, said there are indications that the Russian government had supplied WikiLeaks with data mailboxes. The reason for such assumptions become a regular publication by WikiLeaks of the letters of the head of the election campaign of Democrats John Podestà.

While intelligence officials are still studying how related to Russia and WikiLeaks. “Moscow at least is engaged in the provision of information, or even directly responsible for the leak,” said one of the official sources CNN.

Comments from WikiLeaks, the us broadcaster could not be obtained. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has previously denied any connection or cooperation with Russia. In the Russian Federation deny any connection with hacker attacks. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov called such allegations “absurd” and drew attention to the fact that Washington had not provided “any evidence, no facts” in favor of the fact that Moscow interferes with the election process of the United States.

The National Committee of the democratic party, has previously said that the burglary was committed in favor of rival former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton in the fight for the U.S. presidency – Republican nominee Donald trump.

During the first round of debate with trump, Clinton accused his opponent that he “invited the Russians to” organize the attack. Trump denied the charges and said that the Russian involvement in the incident has not been proven. We would add that the US administration does not exclude that the presidential election voting system States will undergo large-scale hacker attack.

Million dollar gift to bill Clinton

In July, WikiLeaks published more than 19 thousand emails the national Committee of the US Democratic party. According to American media, the hackers managed to hack the email accounts “more than 100 officials and offices” of the Democrats, and not just one of the committees. Currently, the organization continues to publish information.

On the eve of WikiLeaks saidthat in the correspondence of John Podestà there is information that Qatar gave former US President bill Clinton a million dollars on a birthday in 2012. Funds were transferred to the Foundation couple of the Clintons, says The Daily Mail.

In the last week WikiLeaks has already published six parts of the secret letters. For example, one became aware of the correspondence of John Podestà and the leader of the punk band Blink 182 Tom DeLong, the content of which concerns their common interest in the declassification of government data on UFOs.

We add that liability for email hacking took on a hacker under the name Guccifer 2.0. He also denied allegations that he is supposedly working for the Russian security services. In September this year, the American company ThreatConnect involved in cybersecurity, announced that 26-year-old Russian Vladimir Fomenko, the owner of the King Servers company is related to cyber attacks.

Putin: “Does it matter who hacked these some data?”

Russian President Vladimir Putin in a September interview with Bloomberg denied information about the Russian involvement in hacker attacks on e-mail US Democratic party.

“I don’t know about that. You know, so many hackers today, and they are so intricate, so subtle, can show up in the right place at the right time, your “trail”… It is absolutely trudnoperevarivaema thing, if it’s even possible to check it”, – said the head of the Russian state.

Meanwhile, Putin stressed that close attention should be paid to a completely different aspect of this question. “And then, does it matter who hacked these are some data from the campaign headquarters of Mrs. Clinton? Does it matter? Matter what is the content of what was presented to the public, around that should be a discussion, really. No need to divert public attention from the essence of the problem, replacing some minor issues with finding out who did it,” the President added.

The American authorities suspect the Russian Federation for supplying WikiLeaks information stolen from the US Democratic party 14.10.2016

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