In the state of South Carolina in the US police investigating a 45-year-old local farmer Todd Kolhapur. The man was arrested after his plot was discovered a container turned into a torture chamber. Inside was the woman who was abducted, confined to a chain.

Within a few days, the investigators found that Todd Kohlhepp involved in the seven murders, reports CNN. Serious crimes he committed in the past 13 years, with impunity.

According to the investigation, in 2003, Todd Kohlhepp killed four people at the Superbike Motorsports store in chesney. The farmer wanted to buy a two-wheeled vehicle, but in the choice of goods fell from the motorcycle. This caused laughter among the employees of the shop.

Mother of Todd, Regina Kohlhepp claims that the son is very angry at mockery on the part of sellers and decided to take revenge. “He wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle, and they laughed at him,” said the woman. Even though children are taught not to mock other people, not to provoke them into retaliatory action, says Regina Kohlhepp.

Anyway, Todd Kohlhepp killed in his motorcycle shop owner Scott Ponder, and another three people: employee Chris Herbert, service Manager Brian Lucas and Scott mother Beverly guy. If it happened that day when he became an object of ridicule, or later, CNN did not specify. The bodies of the victims were found right inside the store Superbike Motorsports.

A slightly different version of the conflict in the store said the widow of the owner of the store Melissa Brackman, which at the time of the death of her husband she was pregnant. According to her, earlier Kohlhepp already bought the vehicle in the same motorcycle, but his bike got stolen. When the farmer decided to buy a new bike, the store employees began to make fun of him: “A second motorcycle also stolen? One case is not enough?”

To get on the trail of the killer had been after in August 2016 missing 30-year-old Kala brown and her boyfriend. Searching for a woman led police to the house Todd Kohlhepp. Inspecting his farm on 3 November, the guardians of the law heard screaming and banging coming from the padlocked metal container. Opening it, they found inside the rock that was alive. Moreover, the foot and neck of a woman was shackled by a chain.

According to Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright, a farmer treated a prisoner like a dog. “It was a really good place, and even in the heat. No light, no window, no air movement”, – quotes the BBC Russian service Sheriff said.

Arrested “maniac from South Carolina” Todd Kohlhepp at first refused to testify, but for 5 November began to cooperate with investigators. The same day he showed the place on his land where he buried the body of the murdered boyfriend, brown is a 32-year-old Charles Carver. Kala brown said that Todd shot and killed Charles right before her eyes. According to preliminary data, the killer felt jealousy.

There, on the farm Todd was discovered the burial of 29-year-old johnny Coxie and his wife Megan, who went missing a year ago. The woman was shot in the head, and johnny has received several gunshot wounds to the torso.

Forensic experts concluded that the couple died shortly after his disappearance on 22 December 2015. They have child-baby.

Shortly before the death of his wife Coxie were detained. Then they were released on bail, which made Megan’s mother. After that, the couple were engaged in begging in the vicinity of Spartanburg, writes The Daily Mail.

It is known that Todd Kohlhepp had previously been convicted of pedophilia, and his name was included in the list of sex offenders. In 1987, he kidnapped and raped a 14-year-old girl in Tempe (AZ). For this crime, Todd was sentenced to 15 years in prison. A small sentence due to the fact that the man made a deal with the investigation.

After his release from prison, Todd worked as an agent for real estate transactions, and in may 2014 bought a farm with an area of almost 40 hectares in Woodroffe for 305 thousand dollars.

The American farmer, who had been holding the chain of the abducted woman, suspect in seven murders 11.11.2016

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