Court of the state of California in the USA has pronounced a sentence 26-year-old Semi Chance, who three years ago opened fire at lax airport in Los Angeles. In the end, six people were injured, and one of the victims died.

According to the decision of judge Philip Gutierrez, the killer will serve a life term of imprisonment, writes The Los Angeles Times.

As mentioned earlier, the convicted person, the thought of a massacre at the airport, he came up with by accident. First Floor Cancha had intended to commit suicide, but before that he wanted to spend all of their savings, namely 26 thousand dollars.

At this time in the United States just conducted a heated debate on the proliferation of firearms among the civilian population. This led Chance the idea to buy weapons and to organize the attack.

Another reason for the offense was the offense of Sex Changchi, the police in some kind of minor incident, the details of which he announced. Chance dislikes the guards, who, in his opinion, the mistreated citizens, including people with disabilities.

1 Nov 2013 man Changchi, unaware of his intentions, brought the Floor to the entrance to the terminal of the international airport of Los Angeles. After going inside the terminal disguised as an ordinary passenger, the attacker took from his Luggage a semi-automatic rifle purchased a few months earlier on the accumulated money.

Chance did not immediately shoot at the crowd of passengers, and fired at the officer of transport security (TSA) Gerardo Hernandez reviewed the documents. The wounded man fell, and Chance coolly finished him. Only Hernandez was released 12 bullets.

Take the escalator to the upper level, the Floor opened fire on two other security personnel. They began to run away from the killer and received only minor injuries.

Moving through the terminal, Chance asked at the counter whether they are security staff. A few minutes after the first shot at the scene there were police officers. They shot Paul in the head, after which the suspect was arrested. Cantu was sent to the hospital, where he underwent surgery. A week later, the man went to the amendment, and he was transferred to prison.

Note that the victims in the shooting at the airport could be much more. At the scene was found about 500 rounds of ammunition, with which Paul came to air Harbor.

Also in the Luggage Changchi was found records in which he called the posts of the employees of the TSA “Nazi checkpoints” in which “every American can see the terrorist.”

And shortly before the Commission of the crime Paul wrote to his sister that going for him, does not consider himself a terrorist. According to Changchi, he is just “disappointed patriot who tries to water the tree of liberty”.

The victim Gerardo Hernandez was the first officer of transport security (TSA), killed on service. TSA was created after September 11, 2001, to improve security at U.S. airports. Unlike police officers, the TSA officers do not carry weapons.

Hernandez is survived by two children.

The American, who shot six people at the airport in Los Angeles, received a life sentence 08.11.2016

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