The Ministry of health of the Amur region decided to conduct an audit of contracts for medical institutions of the region with private security firms whose employees guard at the local hospital. The reason for this was the incident on the night of 16 October in the regional clinical hospital in Blagoveshchensk serious conflict between guards and relatives of the patient, reports “Amur news” (ASN).

“We will analyze all agreements entered into with security companies, – said the Minister of health of the region Nikolay Tezikov. – We are interested in the functions of guards, their physical preparation and equipment. You also need to pay attention to the response time of security forces in the event of any conflicts”.

Audit plan to take place over ten days, primarily focusing on contracts concluded with Private security companies for the protection of the Amur regional hospital, Amur regional children’s hospital and the city hospital of Blagoveshchensk. Also under verification will get medical facilities Tynda, Zeya, Svobodny, Belogorsk, Raichihinsk, and Central district hospitals. These measures will help to strengthen the protection of meduchrezhdeniy, expect in the Ministry of health.

ASN previously reportedthat on 16 October a group of representatives of the Armenian Diaspora rushed to the emergency room of the regional clinical hospital in Blagoveshchensk and started the rout. According to unofficial data, from their actions affected the guards and the doctors. In a Network there was video footage of the conflict shot by camera surveillance.

Hot Armenians knocked out the guards and “got” to doctors

According to the newspaper, the uninvited visitors were friends of the driver of a foreign car, the same night, at high speed rammed a few cars in the city center and is in serious condition delivered in this meduchrezhdeniy.

“The scene of the accident to the intensive care unit took the guy who walked on engagement, is given in the publication of an eyewitness account. – He wanted to go with one of the relatives, however, the protection was not allowed. This was the reason that from the restaurant where we continued the festivities, came a company of people – representatives of the Armenian Diaspora, who knocked out the guard and “got” to the doctors”. According to some reports, the showdown came about three dozen people.

The message to police about what is happening in the hospital received about two hours a night. Arriving police calmed down the parties to the conflict, but did not detain anyone. This incident opened a criminal case under part 2 of article 213 (“Hooliganism”). After reviewing records from CCTV cameras, police identified the five participants in the conflict, reported in a press-service regional UMVD.

A conflict situation took control of the government of the region and public organization “Union of Armenians of Russia”.

It will be recalled that in connection with the recent increase in attacks on patients and their relatives of medical workers the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation proposed to amend the criminal code and equate the penalty for assault on doctors a special responsibility for the attack on representative government. The entry into force of such amendments is scheduled in July 2018.

Meanwhile, the Governor of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev has disposed to provide the emergency Department and the sanitary inspection rooms of hospitals in the region of drugsthat health workers can use to protect against aggressive patients and their relatives.

Such cases have indeed ceased to be a rarity. At the end of may in the Central city hospital N1 in city Orekhovo-Zuyevo three doctors were beaten in the x-ray room a relative of a VIP patient, unhappy that the doctors were not able to immediately serve someone because they were busy with other patients. In August in the same hospital, the patient’s brother beat technician-radiologist, the suspect is in custody. In July, the hospital of the Moscow city ozyory patient beat the doctor “over slow aid”.

The Amur Ministry of health has decided to check all the guards of the hospital after a showdown with the Armenians 18.10.2016

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